I don't mind wrinkles..

On my sheets and clothes that is. Some people are really irked when they don't get their clothes out of the dryer right away because then the wrinkles set in. I sure don't mind. Ok, yeah, if an outfit I want to wear that morning is in the dryer and it wasn't promptly taken out than it might have a few wrinkles but it's not that bad!

I usually try not to buy clothes that wrinkle easily but if I do than I usually just throw it in the dryer with a wet towel (and whatever shirt Joseph is wearing) and hit fluff. Yeah, this isn't the most green but it does the job. And when I'm running around entertaining E I don't always have time to run to the dryer when doing laundry.

I also don't mind wrinkled sheets. They're going to get wrinkled anyway. And the comforter covers up all the wrinkles, right? With three people in one bed there's no reason to worry about wrinkles in the sheets :)

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Brooke said... Reply To This Comment

I don't believe in ironing. And I don't always put my clothes away immediately after taking them out of the dryer. That's some serious wrinkles!

Tammy said... Reply To This Comment

Ok, I'll ask...what brought this on???

mrsdanigirl8 said... Reply To This Comment

At a baby shower I went to we were given a tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet (which I loved!) but then we started talking about getting the clothes out right away, being OCD about wrinkles. So I wanted to speak my peace :)