Pulling up to a Standing Position

E did it! He has been getting onto his knees to "stand" for a few weeks now and finally tonight he went from sitting to standing all on his own!

I was sitting in my chair reading a few posts on a mommy message board I frequent and was just about to post when E crawled over and started reaching for the laptop on his knees. He than proceeded to grab my knee and the chair and pulled himself up into a standing position!!!

I thought it might have been a fluke so I tried it again with him holding my hands and he totally did it again and again! I had Joseph get it on video... I apologize for his whining. He has his first cold and was a bit over Mommy trying to make him do a new trick over and over again :)

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Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

i love the maaaah he yells before he pops his mouth onto your kneee. so cute. <3