First Cold :(

He made it almost 8 months with no colds. I was hoping we could make it a few more months. Nope, he's got a cold :(

Poor baby has had a stuffy/runny nose and is sneezing and coughing every once in a while. He had a low grade fever this morning but nothing to worry about. I just hate that he can't breathe out of his nose. It made for a very rough night last night. E was up every 1-2 hours needing a bit of suction. And he cried, and cried because he was so uncomfortable. I'm sure his little nose hurt.

Joseph was wonderful. When E woke up at 9pm after going down at 8 he grabbed him and rocked him in the glider for a bit so I could get some sleep before the rough night ahead of me. By 11pm E was up again and screaming. I took over so Joseph could get some sleep. I made sure to keep E propped up all night so that the snot wouldn't run back into his nose/sinuses.

Hopefully this passes quickly. I know we've been blessed to have lasted this long without a cold but I really hope that we don't have another for a while. This isn't even bad and I feel for my little one.

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