Dear E: Eight Months Old

8 Months Old!

I cannot believe you are only 4 months away from being a 1 year old, E! In many ways you are definitely still my baby. You are such a cuddler and snuggler that I think you'll always be my baby but you have grown so independent in the last month. Not only did you start to crawl right before 7 months, you also started pulling up to a stand right before 8 months! I'm afraid that next month I'll be writing to you about walking :)

You are so curious right now. You are into everything and love watching Mommy and Daddy do things. Just this morning you watched Daddy shred papers. You heard the sound, crawled all the way across the room and wanted to see what was making the sound.

You love to mimic people and things. You play a game with Mommy where you and I both "sing" for the same amount of time in the car and than stop suddenly. You always try to keep up with how long I last and sometimes you do short little sounds to change it up :) You mimic lots of sounds that Mommy makes. And you're starting to mimic other things as well. I swear you started clapping (or making the clapping motion) when you were watching one of the cartoons last week. Everyone was clapping on the TV and than you started making the motion!

You've become a raspberry master. If you see just one inch of skin on Mommy or Daddy that's exposed you race to give us a raspberry. And you love making the motor/raspberry sound just like you did a few months ago.

I'm amazed at how much you've changed but am loving every minute of it! You are truly a joy and a wonderful baby. I couldn't be blessed with a better little boy. I can't wait for the years to come and the journeys we will take together. Mommy loves you SO much, little E.


I want the camera, Momma!

I want to get down! Let me down!

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breeannmarie said... Reply To This Comment

Can you please send me some pictures of Ethan...I need a picture for my wall...We are taking the boys to get pictures here in a week or so..will send you some when we get them back