Walking Lake Murray: Getting That Exercise In!

E and I decided that today was a great day to walk Lake Murray. So we decided to invite a few friends. Marilea and Sophie joined us on our walk. It was beautiful out. When we started it wasn't too hot but I was sure it would get hotter as we went along. Finally someone hit their breaking point. No, it wasn't the baby... and it wasn't me or Marilea...

Sophie was DONE! She had done her mile and she was ready to rest. So we did what anyone would do... we let her ride in the stroller while I carried E in the moby wrap. I think she quite enjoyed herself!

Marilea & Sophie

E & Me

Cooling down in the shade after our walk... E wanted to play with Sophie... Sophie wasn't quite sure that she wanted to play with him

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BBKiddo said... Reply To This Comment

haha Sophie in a stroller, so San Diego!