Dear E: Twenty Five Weeks

E... it's been taking longer and longer for me to write these posts... I think I'm going to start writing you each month instead of each week so I can keep up with these.

I am so close to going down to two days a week at work and am so stoked to be spending more time with you. You are getting more and more active every day and you're starting to reach for everything. Even if you're in my arms and far away from the object you want. You'll try to reach and reach to get it. Mommy usually gives in and lets you get what you're reaching for :) Our family is so blessed to be able to allow me to be with you 5 days out of the week. Daddy's working super hard to make sure that it all works out.

Daddy's been a super star lately. He's taken over giving you your baths and always wants to play with you as soon as he gets home so Mommy can finish making dinner. Sometimes he even goes and bakes us up something tasty for dessert!

This week we recovered from yet another busy weekend. We went to Disneyland and than went to a Padres game the next day. You, of course, were a perfect angel :) We laid low all week. But on Thursday we ventured out with your friend Addy and went to Grossmont Center to walk around a bit and enjoy the out doors.

On Saturday we went to Lake Murray and walked around with Mommy's friend Marilea and her puppy, Sophie. You were a pleasure and seemed to really enjoy yourself. Later that day we went to Billy and Helena's birthday party! You had lots of fun playing in the grass with the kids. You even watched the clown show and partook in the pinata! You stayed up quite late and finally crashed for about an hour before we headed home. You went to bed without a problem and even slept in!

On Sunday I took you to your first movie. Mommy and her friends were going to a movie together and I figured since it was an early 11am movie that I could take you without bothering anyone. You sat in your own seat and watched the movie with us! Well... you played, ate, slept and talked a bit throughout but you were definitely well behaved. Now Daddy wants to go take you to see other movies (Think Up! and other Disney/Pixar movies... nothing too loud or scary). We'll see...

We are slowly approaching your 6 month birth date. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by! You are growing faster and faster! I'm afraid to take my eyes off of you for fear that time will speed up and you'll be a little boy! Love you baby!

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