Dear E: Twenty Weeks

This week went by too fast little man! We had lots of fun :)

I forgot what we did on Tuesday... I know that I was

On Wednesday you had yet another fun day with Grandma Ann. Here's the note she left Mommy and Daddy to let them know how you did:

"Ethan's Day @ Grandma Ann's - July 8, 2009

A beautiful, happy, contented baby.... 4 bottles ... 3 diaper changes ... 2 morning naps in swing... 1 1/2 hour nap with Grandma ...

Play, play, play

Smile, smile, smile

Laugh, laugh, laugh

Interested in everything. Trying to figure how to pull his pacifier... clipped to his onesie... off his chest. Really concentrating on new clip [we bought a new pacifier clip for you, baby boy]

Grandma Ann loves you dear little one"

Thursday we went to the zoo with Christine and Addy. Afterwards we went to say goodbye to Janelle and Charlie (and pick up a bumbo! Thanks, Janelle :)) and than had lunch with Daddy at the Olive Garden. It was a busy day. You were so funny at the restaurant. You wanted to drink Daddy's iced tea sooo bad. So we let you.

Friday night we went to the 45th Anniversary party of 4 of our relatives including Aunty Ann and Uncle Freddy. It was also the 20th Anniversary of Cousin Christy and Auggie. You met Cousin Shannon for the first time and she brought her fiance, Jen. And you were held by almost everyone there :)

On Saturday we went to Mission Bay for the Navarro Family Reunion. We watched the kids and adults play games, we remembered those who are no longer with us, we ate yummy food (you even tried to grab Mommy's taco and got lots of guac all over the place) and we played volleyball :) All of the kids wanted to play with you but Riley wanted to play with you more than anyone! You were quite tired when we got home. You only took one real nap while we were there from 10am to 4pm and you crashed at 5pm. You didn't wake up until 7am the next morning!

Sunday we got to see Mommy's friend, Pilar. She came into town to visit so we had lunch at the Prado. It was quite nice. We got to chit chat a bit about what was going on in our lives and how each other had been. Mommy's friend, Amanda, brought her daughter, Daylin, too. You've already met Daylin though two weeks ago. She's getting big! You also met Mommy's friend, Jessica, for the first time. Aunty Tessa was there too (of course!). She's 23 weeks pregnant and is looking fabulous. Afterwards we took a nice stroll in Balboa Park and than came home to a house smelling of wonderful chocolate chip cookies! Daddy surprised us by whipping up a batch. He's always in search of the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Now you are sleeping in our bed. You look so peaceful. We've finally mastered the art of sleeping without swaddleing and I think you're loving the freedom. Well.. here's to another wonderful week with you little boy!

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