Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary: June 30, 2009

This year's anniversary was much different than last year. For one, we have a kid. For dos, we really didn't make a big deal out of it like we always do. Just a simple dinner (using a gift card to save money!) at the Prado with the little one in tow and a nice peaceful evening at home. Who could ask for more? We didn't even exchange cards. How low-key was that?

Oh, and we got a free vanilla flan dessert that was oh so yummy! And we couldn't resist letting E taste a little bit :) He LOVED it!

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Pilar said... Reply To This Comment

Happy Anniversary Dani!!!

Miranda said... Reply To This Comment

I'm jealous! I LOVE eating at the Prado! Their flatbreads + hummus are so good.

Miss you! xo