Dear E: Eighteen Weeks

E, you have been so much fun this week! You are constantly smiling and laughing with everyone you're with. Mommy had you on Tuesday and Wednesday and boy were you a good little guy! You napped very well (none of these 1/2 hour naps!) and were in high spirits the whole time. We played on your activity mat and took walks together. We also played with your toys and you enjoyed your jumperoo a bit.

You read a bit on your own....

You read a bit with Daddy...

And wouldn't let go of him when he was giving you a bath :)

You played nicely with Ella when we watched her on Saturday morning...

And said hi to Cousin Reese when we met her on Saturday afternoon for AJ & Alec's graduation party

You had a wonderful time with Grandpa Navarro at the party too!

And you even saw Grandma Ann, Grandpa Jack and Cousin Aaron at the fair on Sunday!

What a long week, little one! Ready to do it again? I sure am!

We'll end with a video of the three of us at the fair since Grandma Ann accidentally stayed in video mode instead of picture mode :)

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