Dear E: Seventeen Weeks

Oh, E! You have such a little personality already :) Daddy likes to hold you and talk/play with you in his chair but sometimes you want to do other things... like watch TV. So you figure out a way to make that possible...

You're growing so fast! You want to sit up on your own soo much. Mommy says slow down! You have a life time to sit up on your own. Here's a nice shot of you tripoding while Daddy and Mommy hang out with you.

You love to sit on your own when Mommy braces you with her legs (under the covers). You play and giggle and want to explore everything when you're sitting. Sometimes you lean over too much and end up on your side...

You are just now starting to pay attention to what the doggies are doing. You reach out for them sometimes and grab their fur, ears, eyeballs... whatever! Here's a picture of you and Jetta...

And one of you and Scout!

You're playing more and more in your jumperoo! You get excited when you play with the spinning toys on it and when Mommy or Daddy bounce you up and down.

This week was the first week of Mommy's new schedule. Monday G-Pa watched you for the first time. You guys had a blast! You didn't even take your first nap till 11:30am! And G-Pa said that you even fell asleep sitting up. You must have been exhausted :) Carly and G-Pa said they had a great time playing with you. So much so that G-Pa forgot to take a shower all day!

Wednesday you spent the day with Grandma Ann. You played with her, did tummy time and even took a long nap with her in the bed. On Friday Mommy's friend Amanda watched you. Things didn't go as well that day. See... you're teething. And Friday just wasn't the best day for you. You would cry and cry and were inconsolable. You wouldn't eat that much either. Before Mommy left you with Amanda she tried to nurse you and you just kept pulling off. And it took over an hour for you to drink your first 4oz bottle. You'd only take 2oz and than took the other 2oz an hour later. Teethers, frozen wash cloths, Sophie, everything wouldn't work. And you wouldn't go to sleep either. So Amanda gave you a bit of Tylenol and you calmed down enough to sleep and play a little.

When Mommy picked you up you were your normal self. So we went to go get some Hylands Teething Tabs for you just in case. That night you become inconsolable again. That's when Mommy knew it had to be the teething. Mommy and Daddy tried rocking you, nursing you, switching from teethers that were frozen to teethers that weren't, rubbing your gums for you and finally used the Teething Tabs. An hour after that it didn't seem to be working so we gave you another dose of Tylenol. After another thirty minutes you were fast asleep in my arms. And you didn't wake up again till 4:30am! You must have been exhausted. I am ready for this tooth to come!

The rest of the weekend went by great. On Saturday your Daddy and I took you to run errands. Than we went for a nice walk with the neighbors across the street. They have a little baby who's only three weeks old! I'm sure you guys will be great friends one day. Today was Father's Day. It was a wonderful day. When you woke up Mommy changed you and than grabbed Daddy's gift. We had him open it with you watching. You got him a card and pictures of you holding letters to spell out DAD. Mommy got Daddy tickets to see Joel McHale (one of his favorite comedians and the host of The Soup on E!). After that Mommy went and got Daddy donuts from his favorite donut shop and than we went to church.

After church we went to meet up with G-Pa and Great Nanny at Tio Leo's for lunch. It was a relaxing two hours. Than we went home and we all fell asleep together. We woke up at 4:30 (oops...) and headed over to Grandma Ann's for Father's Day dinner. Your grandma, grandpa, uncles, aunt, cousin and Alyssa were there. We hung out, ate, talked and played and than it was time for bed so we went home and put you to sleep. What a busy day!

Well... you're another week older and I couldn't be more in love with you!

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Natalie said... Reply To This Comment

I love your week-to-week posts. So cute.

Pilar said... Reply To This Comment

Scout is a great poser!!! Love all the pictures!!!

mrsdanigirl8 said... Reply To This Comment

I know :) He always poses perfectly for the camera...