Three Months Old!!

Whoa has time flew by! E is already 3 months old. We celebrated by getting shots... yeah! Not :( Ethan's on the alternative schedule for vaccines so we went to go get the HIB and Pc vaccine. We were going to the room where the nurse was and she asked what shots he was getting. I told her and J had the weirdest look on his face... he was like, "Um, D, are you sure that's what you want to give him?"

I said, "Yeah, why?" and he was like, "Isn't he a little too young for that??" He thought I said HIV! Haha :) E was a trouper. He cried for a bit, nursed and than was ready to explore. That's his biggest thing now, looking all around. He's starting to pick out colors and patterns and he's zeroing in on things he wants (like the remote!). It's like he can't soak it in fast enough.

He's loving the safari pattern on the boppy. I sit him up after nursing and his eyes immediately go to the pattern and he starts to grab at it with his hands. I tried to attach a video of him with the boppy and a few toys that he's starting to grab at but it was taking forever to load (I left the computer and came back 3 hours later and it still hadn't loaded... oh well... I'll try YouTube). It's so fun to watch him almost get something and than try again to succeed in grabbing it later.

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Oh my goodness, he's so dang big, he's becoming a little man!