Dear E: Ten WeeksOld

You are changing every day. They tell you that. All the books say how fast babies develop but you never quite get the speed at which you develop.

Every chance you get you make bubbles. It's so cute to look over and see a mouth full of bubbles. You're starting to suck on more than just a pacifier. Whenever you're with Daddy you want to suck on his knuckles, shoulder, sleeve, etc. You even started to suck on your car seat strap.

We took our first trip to the beach today. It was fun but windy. And you still aren't too sure about the wind. Daddy was smart enough to bring the chairs and umbrella for us although he had to hold the umbrella so it wouldn't blow over. The dogs loved it! (We went to Coronado Dog Beach... of course) They hadn't been there since before you were born and they missed playing with the other dogs (Jetta) and in the water (Scout). I think this will be a nice thing to do with you this summer. Daddy isn't too keen on putting you down in the sand at Dog Beach so he said that we'd have to take you to the people side to play in the sand. I told him that it wouldn't be as fun if you couldn't play over with the dogs :) The ocean cleans the sand, right? And there's baths after the beach, right?

You are definitely getting more and more interested in the world around you. You're turning your head more. You want to look at everything. When we hold you close while walking anywhere you fuss and squirm until we face you the other way to look forward. You turn to Daddy in the morning when he talks to you and you try to find me when I'm cooking or cleaning and Daddy's holding you. I think you're starting to be able to see farther distances.

Mommy's starting to get a bit sad. You're 10 weeks old. That means Mommy only has 2 more weeks of Maternity Leave before she has to go back to work. It's going to be really hard but she's happy that Daddy get's to spend a whole month with you! You guys are going to have such fun. Remember to save some of those developments for Mommy to see, ok?


Scout... doing what dogs do at Dog Beach

E & Daddy

E & Mommy

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