Dear E: Eleven Weeks

I cannot believe that we are already here. This next week coming up will be the last week I will be home with you full time and I don't know how I'm going to leave you. Your changing so much every day and I can't imagine not being able to see all of the changes you're going through.

You are so much more aware of where you are and what's around you. You always follow me and Daddy around when we're walking around the house. You like to sit in your bouncer and watch me clean the kitchen and cook/bake. You always have a smile for me when I need it... Especially when we're changing you :) I told Daddy this week that we need to start doing naked time because you love when we take your diaper off. Who doesn't?

I'm thinking about blowing up your ducky tub and filling it with water this next week so you can play in the water while it's warm out. I can't wait to take you "swimming" in your Great Aunt Carol's spool. I just know you'll love it... you're my kid! You gotta love water, right?

We went to go visit your friend Addy this week. We went to Alpine and walked around Viejas Outlet Mall with Addy and her mommy, C. Addison was born on the same day you were only in the afternoon. Is'nt that crazy? Mommy has lots of friends who are having babies. She has two friends who already had their babies and three friends who are pregnant right now.

On Saturday Mommy had her friends over for a baby shower for A. Her little one is due next month and I'm sure you'll get some play time together. The shower was quite fun and everyone loved having you there. You were in such a good mood! You definitely are working at becoming a ladies man ;)

You've had a big accomplishment this week. You are finally sleeping on your own in the bed!! Yeah, I couldn't believe it either. I just lay with you and soothe you a bit, than I give you the pacifier and lay with you till you're asleep. I sneak out of the room and come and hang out with Daddy in the living room and you stay asleep :) You even slept for 5 1/2 hours last night for me. I thought it was a great Mother's Day gift.

Speaking of gifts, that's not the only thing you and Daddy got me. You also got me a gift certificate for my favorite spa, Avia. Now I can go get the massage I've been needing/wanting! You, Daddy and the dogs each got me a card and Daddy even made breakfast. We had waffles, hashbrowns and bacon (of course). He even made me some tea.

Than Daddy prepared dinner in the crock pot for Grandma and Grandpa S & Uncle Andrew. He made a crock pot roast with root beer to soak it in along with potatoes and carrots. YUM! Mommy made some rolls and a good salad to go with Daddy's great meal. Everyone enjoyed it and afterwards we ate the apple crisp that Daddy made. He's quite the cook lately. We're going to have to teach you how to cook/bake too.

This next week we're going to work on getting better at napping in bed instead of your swing and in Mommy's arms (even though I love when you sleep in my arms!). We're also going to try and stay home most of the time so that you're routine is ready for when Daddy takes over. I am sure you two will have a great time together. I can't believe you're so close to being three months already! I love you!!

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He is quite the ladies man! Thank you Ethan for being such a good host :)