Dear Ethan: Six Weeks Old

You are a month and a half old! So close to 2 months already! This week was quite busy.

We went to the zoo with Grandma Ann and cousin Aaron. It was quite fun. You slept most of the time while we followed Aaron around the monkeys and the children's zoo. We went to go eat afterward in Balboa Park.

You are liking your swing a lot more. You even take naps in there so Mommy can get stuff done around the house. It's quite nice. I'm going to try and see if you'll start napping in your crib though so we can start transitioning and getting you used to sleeping on your own.

You are holding your head up more and more. You can get your head up 1-2 inches off the ground when we're doing tummy time. It's great.

We went to Disneyland again for Daddy's birthday. He's 30 this year! We went on Jungle Cruise and It's a Small World and than spent time shopping around so Daddy could use his gift card. He bought a nice Disney Nursery Story book for you and likes to read it to you at night.

We threw Daddy a surprise party for his 30th birthday. I had everyone come over to Grandma Ann's and Grandpa Jack's before hand and told Daddy that we were going over there for dinner but no one else could make it... he believed me! Daddy was sooo sad but wouldn't say anything. So when we got there he saw everyone's cars and knew right away :) Too bad I didn't think about that before hand and ask people to park away from the house. He had a great time.

The next day we went to cousin Aaron's 2nd birthday party. You slept the whole time when everyone was there but as soon as they left you woke up :) It was great timing because it was much more quiet and calm. We relaxed a bit with your uncles and aunt and Doug & Jackie (cousin Aaron's other grandparents who were visiting from Michigan).

It was a busy weekend for us and next weekend is also going to be busy. You're going to stay at home with your daddy on Saturday while I go to Amanda's bachelorette party. It'll be the first time I am away from you... I know I'll want to come home as soon as I can :) Than we have Easter!

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