Dear E: Nine Weeks

We had soo much fun this week! It was a busy one. And hopefully the last busy one for a while.

Cousin Aaron and Grandma A came over and visited one day. We got a few good pictures of you and them together. Your grandma brought Mommy lunch since Mommy wasn't able to meet her earlier that day since you were still napping. After that Daddy took you for your daily walk around the neighborhood. It was so sunny you got to use your hat for the first time!

Mommy's friend, Amanda, got married this weekend and Mommy was in the wedding. We went to her dress rehearsal on Thursday and got our nails done Friday morning.

You and Daddy dropped me off at the hotel she was getting ready at on Saturday and you guys spent some time together. We went to the wedding and you did great the whole time! No crying from my baby :) You and Daddy played for a while until I could join you.

We went to the rehearsal and you stayed happy for a while but I knew you were getting sleepy. I put you in the sling to try and get you to sleep since you hadn't napped well all day. We went to go get food and you started to fuss. By the time we got back to the table you were ready to eat! So we all ate together. After you and I were done I put you back in the sling and went outside to walk around and get you to sleep. You fussed and cried a bit but I was persistent and kept giving you the pacifier and finally you fell asleep.

You slept the rest of the night... through the loud music and Mommy dancing (I think this helped you stay asleep) and through the transition into the car seat. You woke up when we got home. I nursed you while Daddy got our stuff in the car for Disneyland. When you were done we got you in the car seat again and were off to Anaheim.

You fussed a bit and cried a bit but finally fell asleep and stayed asleep all the way up to the hotel. You slept through check in, through going to the room and through me moving you into the bed for the night. You slept soo well! You didn't even get up to eat until 1:30am!! You than got up once more at 4:30 and than slept in until 7am.

(sleeping in the bed at the hotel)

We met up with Grandpa & Grandma N and took off for Disneyland. We ate some breakfast and than headed out to ride the rides. You only rode one ride that day... Astro Blasters! We met up with Aunt B & Uncle CJ. We stayed at the park until a little after 1pm and than headed home. You fell asleep for a bit but woke up right outside of Oceanside. You started to cry and I couldn't console you so we pulled over at the Carlsbad Outlet Mall. It took forever to find a parking space but we finally did. With a diaper change, nursing and walking around the mall for a while we were ready to go home!

By the time we got home Mommy, Daddy and you were exhausted! You fell asleep shortly after eating and didn't wake up until 7pm. We changed you into your PJs and than you fell asleep again. What a weekend!

Grandpa S & Aunt B (the birthday girl)

Grandma C

Mommy and E

Austyn & Uncle CJ

Grandpa S & Aunt Carly

Brendan and his light saber

Grandpa S and Brendan

Austyn drinking his juice box

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