Dear Ethan: Five Weeks Old

I love that you're getting more and more alert :) You're also smiling a lot more (but we have yet to get one clearly on the camera... see below). And I think you're starting to transition from sleeping in my arms to sleeping next to me in bed. It's been quite nice to sleep on my side! I don't have that crook in my neck anymore.

This week we met Addison. She was born on the same day as you and her mommy is my friend, Christine. It's nice to have friends with babies that are close to your age because than Mommy doesn't worry too much when you do or don't do certain things. It gives me piece of mind. This was a lazy week after the busy week/weekend we had last week. It was nice to relax with you around the house. We also met up with Jolie and Amanda to show you off but you just slept the whole time!

This week we also went to Daddy's work to introduce you to all of his co-workers. Everyone commented on how long and strong you were. You showed off how well you hold your head up. You also showed them how hungry you are :) You ate for 1/2 the time we were there! Than we went to lunch with Daddy. I think Daddy likes when we meet him for lunch... We should do that more often.

You're getting in more tummy time and are starting to like your activity mat more. You also fell asleep in your swing for the first time! I wish we could have seen how long you would have slept if we left you there but Daddy put you in there as we were getting ready to run errands...

You're changing every minute and I am just trying to soak it all up!

Sleeping in the swing

Taking a break from tummy time and enjoying the activity mat

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Tammy said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like he's making eyes at that lady-bug!! I'll send that pic down to you with your lunch bag...and can you send me the disk of pics so that I can have a picture up on the wall??abbicant