For the past two to three weeks the baby has been hiccuping off and on. This is definitely a cool thing! I've heard some pregnant women complain about how annoying they are but I just love them. My little one is making those movements. There is a healthy baby in my belly :)

I can't believe that I've made it to 32 weeks already! Baby only has 8 more weeks of cooking and than we'll hopefully have a little one in our arms. Next weekend I have my family shower and cannot wait! I get to reveal the sex of the baby to all of my family members and have waited a long time to do so. It will be fun to see their reactions.

I'll end this post with a 32 week belly photo... I've grown a bit, haven't I? And I'm very comfy in my pj's. I'm a bit under the weather (sinus infection) so I've been getting plenty of rest :)

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Wow I can't believe you are at 32 weeks already! Your belly is so cute! Can't wait to meet the little one :)