It's a...

Baby! See the head, the spine and the really long legs? Definitely our baby!

Joseph and I have decided to keep the sex of our baby a secret for a bit. We want to enjoy it a bit together before telling everyone.

The ultrasound was wonderful... for Joseph. He got to see the baby moving constantly. Flips, turns, spins, everything! The ultrasound tech partially complained about the fact that she couldn't get the baby to stay still for a few shots she needed. But in due time she got everything for her "report". Not sure what's in the report but we'll find out on Tuesday at our doctor's appointment.

I really didn't get to see much until she turned the screen for me a few times. But when I did see the little one I couldn't wait to see more. Joseph made the comment after seeing how much the baby moved that he understood why I needed to eat constantly throughout the day. He said that if the baby was moving this much all day it must really eat up the calories :)

I have had a few new pregnancy related symptoms. I got swollen ankles on the plane ride over to Europe and had chaffing almost every day when we walked around a lot. Sooo fun. Not! I also felt the baby move for the first time this Tuesday. I don't know if I've felt anything since then because I can't really distinguish certain feelings right now. I am sure the kicking will get stronger and I'll definitely be able to distinguish it in a few days/weeks.

Anywho... I wanted to leave you with a cute picture of the baby's feet but then I'd have to walk all the way to the car, get the picture, scan it, save it, upload it and than post it. Too much work for right now so I'll post tomorrow with the cute footsies! Oh, and I don't know if you can tell this early but those feet are huge! Guess the baby will be taking after me :)

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