Cannot Wait: First Appointment!

So, two things to blog about today! The first being that my first appointment is tomorrow! Yes, in less than 24 hours I will have seen my baby for the first time!!! I seriously wish that I could go to sleep right now so that all I have to do is wake up and go to the appointment. It's at 9:45am so keep me in your thoughts around then. In honor of my 8th week I also took another belly shot this morning:

Definitely more bloat! And now for the second reason for my post. My crazy adventure last weekend. On Tuesday during book club I started to feel some fluttering in my chest. Because I've had some other weird symptoms start that week I thought it was yet another symptom of pregnancy (why does my belly button itch and why does it feel like someone's stretching it... and my crotch??)

So I went through book club laughing and gossiping with the girls and than headed home. As I was getting ready to go to bed I started to feel the flutters again but also started to feel some pressure. I tried to wake up Joseph but he was pretty tired. So the next day I started to feel some flutters again. Totally weird. But no pressure.

I decided to ask my boss if she'd ever felt anything like that and she said that I should probably try to call the doctor. I called and talked to the nurse on call. She said that I should go to the ER right away. I really didn't want to go to the ER for fear of getting sick or waiting forever to be seen (or both!) so I called back and pleaded with the guy who answered to get me an urgent care appointment instead. With some tears and a statement that I knew I was going against medical advise I had an appointment.

I went home after that and rested for a bit until Joseph came home. We then headed over to the hospital to get checked in. After 3 hours and 7-8 tests later (including an EKG) I was out the door with no answers and was asked to call Cardiology in 48 hours to get a 24-hour heart monitor. And the flutters haven't come back... so weird!

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Pilar Zimmerman said... Reply To This Comment

Holy!!! I thought that I couldn't even tell, but then I saw the picture from Wk 4 and YES, it looks like the baby is growing appropiately and the pregnancy is progressing well!!! Congrats!!!

ratmammy said... Reply To This Comment

honestly, danielle, i think i look more pregnant than you.... haha!!! ugh...