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 Sometimes I run across a toy that I just absolutely love as soon as I see it. Recently I saw this wooden car on one of my favorite sites, Tegu, and had to have it for my son! Not only is it a working car, it's made out of magnetic wooden blocks and can be configured different ways. How awesome is that?

Tegu is a magnetic wooden block company based out of Honduras that had the vision of a for-profit business that would effect the lives of Hondurans. Their name is derived from the city their blocks are manufactured in. From the fully independent toy company they are to the partnership they've created with local schools, Tegu is changing employment standards in Central America for the better.

Beautifully Crafted Wooden Blocks
The wood that creates these beautiful blocks is hand picked by local Honduran cooperatives who are certified by the Forest Stewardship Counsel. The FSC processes facilitate the forest's natural regeneration cycle. By being selective with what trees are cut down they can make sure that the forest has time to replenish and regrow before cutting more trees down.

The magical combination of Honduran hardwood and magnets creates an imaginative tool for children to learn and expand their abilities to play and create. The "click-clack" sound of two Tegu blocks coming together ignites new possibilities and allows children to push and pull new ideas together over and over.

The Hatch
Our Hatch car from Tegu includes 10 classic Tegu magnetic wooden blocks and a super awesome compact canopy to create the look of a classic car. With the included wheels, this car really moves! And can be used to create more than just a car if wanted.

As soon as my son took the blocks out of the package he was putting them together like he'd done it a hundred times. But when he wanted to make the car just like it was on the box, he asked Daddy for help. Together they figured it out and in no time they were racing their car down the sidewalk.

Creative Exploration
Tegu not only has these awesome cars, they also have an extensive selection of amazing block sets. From pocket versions that are easy to take in your day bag to full sets perfect for the classroom, there's a Tegu block set for everyone.

I love the variety. And that doesn't stop with the sizes of the sets. The sets also come in different colors. The perfect classic look of the Natural colors is a great way to show off the gorgeous beauty of this Honduran hardwood. Like the look of the classic wood but want something a bit richer? Check out the Mahogany stained sets. Simple and elegant but still just as durable and fun as the Natural sets.

Need a little color in your life? Well there's room for that with the beautiful blues, oranges, grays and greens of the Nelson sets and the more natural greens and browns of the Jungle sets.

Tegu offers a great selection of blocks and cars that are perfect for this gift giving season! Head on over to the Tegu website to check out the vast selection of blocks available and fall in love with the company just like I have.

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Wow! What a unique gift! My boys would just love these cars! Thanks for the great review, Danielle! :)