Staying Fit and Balanced with the @AuroraeYoga Synergy Mat {Holiday Gift Guide}

One thing I've learned while on my journey to become more fit and healthy is that we all need balance in our lives. That balance not only keeps us whole and upright, it also helps make sure that we aren't forgetting anything. And with any good workout routine there needs to be balance.

Aside from the cardio and weights, mind-body exercise is a great way to pull together everything we're working on in creating a healthier body and really helps center our thoughts and our ability to work out on a more deeper level.

Recently I've added a yoga class to my workout routine and I'm happy to say that I'm starting to feel more energized and relaxed as I increase my level of cardio and weights. With the addition of yoga and the deep stretching I'm now doing, I'm able to go farther and push myself more in other areas of exercise. My limbs and muscles feel good and I feel more at peace with the body I have.

With any fitness routine, there are always tools that help create a better experience. And recently I was introduced to Aurorae Yoga. Their site carries everything needed for an amazing yoga experience including:

and much more! 

I received Aurorae Yoga's "Synergy" Mat-Towel combo and I must say that I am in love with this mat! While other mats I've used have been pleasant, this Synergy mat is by far the best yoga mat i've used. It's comfortable, padded, and the perfect length!

The Synergy mat is a great way to practice yoga and to use for stretching before working out. The combination of the Yoga mat bottom and the skidless microfiber towel top surface creates a space that is both inviting and relieving for hands and joints. The more you sweat the better you can grip the towel!

With it's beautiful, bright colors and gorgeous embroidery stitching around the perimeter you won't have any problem showing this mat off in class or to your friends at home. I recently went out of town for a family wedding and took my yoga mat with me to stretch before working out.

The Synergy mat made working out while on vacation easy and fun. And the portability of this mat is excellent! I haven't yet had a chance to make a carrier for it but the mat is very light weight. This mat also works great for different varieties of yoga. So whether you're practicing bikram, Ashtanga, or hot yoga, you will find that this mat works wonders!

I've been using the Lavender Meditative Mist Aromatherapy while using my Synergy mat and the combination of the aromatherapy and the yoga has allowed me to work on breathing, stretching, and finding my inner balance. By giving myself 10 minutes for peace, quiet and tranquility I've found that I'm more patient (especially with the kids), I'm enjoying myself more, and I feel better throughout the day.

The mat has also provided a place for teach my children a few moves. They are having an amazing time learning different stretches. My son recently took a few gymnastics classes where he learned a few stretches. So he decided to teach his sister his favorite position, downward dog.

By bringing yoga into the home (instead of simply participating at the gym) I've opened up a door for teaching my children the balance of exercise as well. I've also created an added bond with them. Every morning after I drop my son off at school, my daughter and I get to our stretches before our little dance parties. Before you know it she'll be showing me her favorite position!

Aurorae Yoga products are the perfect gift for this holiday season. Bring some comfort and relaxation to someone you love by purchasing the Aurorae Yoga Synergy towel-mat combo or allow them to take a moment to themselves with the Aromatherapy mist.

You can find Aurorae Yoga on Facebook and follow them on twitter at @AuroraeYoga. For safe and reliable purchasing, check out all of Aurorae Yoga's products on Amazon.

Aurorae Yoga will be including a Synergy towel-mat (an $89.95 value) in the Noise Girls Winter Gift Guide giveaway starting November 1st.

Head back to enter to win one of three amazing prize packages featured in this giveaway. And make sure to check out our complete Winter Gift Guide for ideas on what to give this holiday season.

Disclaimer: I received a Synergy Yoga Mat-Towel for review purposes only. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  

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About A Mom said... Reply To This Comment

It's been a while, but I used to do yoga a lot. A good mat is so important!

Jesica H said... Reply To This Comment

That looks really comfortable! I might have to check this out.

AMBER EDWARDS said... Reply To This Comment

that mat looks much better and more comfortable than that yoga mat I currently have! I am always sliding around on my mat, it's surface is far too smooth. This one looks like it may give more traction and help you hold positions much better.

LisaLisa said... Reply To This Comment

That mat looks so comfortable, wow I can't remember the last time I did Yoga. Love the pictures :0)

Emily said... Reply To This Comment

I keep meaning to try Yoga, so maybe if I have a great mat like this it will help me get started!

LaVonne @ Long Wait said... Reply To This Comment

I love Yoga too, just don't have time to get it in right yet. I do like this mat - great that one side is towel like. And lavender? I love the smell of lavender. Thanks for sharing!

Tiffany C. said... Reply To This Comment

That's a nice looking Yoga mat. The color is so pretty and it looks comfy too.