Orangutan Diaries on DVD October 2nd

“ORANGUTAN DIARIES” features stories of hope as this dedicated team attempts to save these fragile animals.

During the course of the film, the team introduces the newest and smallest orangutan, baby Arnold.  And they race through miles and miles of muddy roads in hopes of saving a young orangutan held illegally in a tiny crate.

Sumanto takes a terrifying fall at the center and fights for his life, while massive male Hercules, the hairiest orangutan you will ever meet, heads off for his annual leave on a river island.

Lone Droscher Nielson, the center’s director, is always looking for places where rescued orangutans can be released back into the wild and finally finds a refuge in the heart of Borneo. After months of planning, a handful of rescued orangutans are able to fly away to freedom, including Mama Abut and her baby, found starving on an oil palm plantation but nursed back to health at the centre.

Later, the confiscation team sets off on the most demanding rescue yet, with one of the technicians risking his life in a death-defying climb to get Bonny back where she belongs. “ORANGUTAN DIARIES” is an emotional roller coaster ride into the heart of the rainforest that presents an inside look at the lives of these animals on the edge.

My kids and I watched Orangutan Diaries together and were touch, inspired, and entertained by these amazing creatures! Seeing the love and care these animals have for one another and the bond created is just breathtaking.

And the filmography made our family feel as if we were in Borneo with the orangutans. The scenes were filled with emotion and excitement and each story brought on a new set of characters to fall in love with. Seeing the love and care put into helping these beautiful creatures was simply moving.

This film will not only keep your children entertained, it will teach them of the world beyond our reach and hopefully inspire them to continue to aid in the efforts for saving these magnificent and intelligent creatures.

Available on DVD from PBS Distribution October 2nd!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Orangutan Diaries for review purposes only. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

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Stace Werner said... Reply To This Comment

Oh, I love Orangutans! This looks like a great film with some great material.

Kathryn Costa said... Reply To This Comment

My son would love this! I will have to show it to him. Thanks!