How to Create a Magical Time with a Disney Princesses Halloween Party #DisneyPrincessWMT

When I found out I was having a girl, many emotions came over me. Excitement, surprise, happiness. And as I went through my pregnancy with my daughter those emotions grew stronger and stronger. I started to have visions of the future. What we'd do together, what she would like, if we'd be able to bond over the same things.

One of my favorite memories in childhood are those made while I watched my favorite Disney movies with my family. Our family has been deeply rooted with Disney for quite a while and the love for the imagination and creativity of Disney has passed down through the generations. From trips to Disneyland as a child, to picking out that special Disney Princess dress at the store to play dress up, the magic was alive with the the help of Disney's inspiration.

Passing On The Disney Magic
So when my daughter started showing a true interest in Disney characters and got excited when we went to Disneyland, I knew the magic had passed on to another generation. And she is most defintiely a girly girl who loves all things Disney Princesses.

While she doesn't have a favorite Disney princess yet (she's more partial to Minnie Mouse right now), I made sure to pre-order Cinderella as soon as I found out it was coming out of the vault after 7 years on Blu-Ray/DVD. Being one of the top 10 films of all time, we felt that Cinderella deserved a place on our shelves.

I'm happy to say that we've watched it quite a lot over the past few weeks and my daughter is absolutely obsessed with the animals and songs in the movie. While she doesn't yet "get" the story, she loves the characters and the reactions. So when we had the opportunity to host a Halloween Princess party, I was very excited to start shopping and planning for the event.

Creating a Princess Halloween Party
Wal-mart helped me out a bit with their fabulous selection of Disney Princess goodies. And I used a few items I already had around the house to add to what I was going to pick up from Wal-Mart. As I started thinking of ideas and inspiration, the party simply formed into a fun and simple playdate for my daughter's closest friends.

Before heading out to Wal-mart to pick out everything I needed, I decided to download the Disney Princess Royal Ball Augmented Reality 2.0 app for both iPhone and Android. Not only did I want to make this shopping trip fun for my daughter, I wanted it to be interactive as well. And we got just that with the Royal Ball app.

Disney Princess Royal Ball 2.0
The Disney Princess Royal Ball 2.0 app is an interactive augmented reality app that allows users to interact in the store and at home by finding images, scanning them, and unlocking fabulous items to use to build outfits, create the perfect carriage, and much more.

What's great about this app is it's ease of use. I simply downloaded it from the Google Play Store  and it installed in seconds. When I opened the app for the first time I was taken through the introduction (with the option of skipping it) and once I arrived at the main menu, I was able to easily navigate through the options. My almost 2 year old daughter had no problem designing the outfit of her choice before we even headed to Wal-Mart to unlock more options.

Preparing for a Party
With our list in hand and our Royal Ball app downloaded and explored, we were ready to tackle the store and pick up a few needed items for our party. In an effort to make it more main stream, I made sure to write down everything we might need to make our Halloween Princess party come to life.

I knew I wanted to do a few things:
  • Turn our fort into a castle
  • Make wands with ribbon
  • Make pumpkin bars
  • Turn mandarin orange fruit cups into pumpkins
  • Find dresses for the girls
  • Create goodie bags for the girls to take home
  • Paint a pumpkin with the kids to add to the decor and theme
I already had the dowels, ribbon, and felt for the wands so I just needed to get the ingredients for the pumpkin bars, pick up some mandarin oranges, pick out a costume or two to go along with the few we picked up at a resale shop, and grab the goodie bags and paper goods.

Interactive Princess Fun
After picking up the food items we needed for the party, we headed back to the costumes and Disney Princesses display. In order to unlock some great items in the Royal Ball 2.0 app we had to find certain pictures on the display to scan with the app. Once scanned, the user unlocks interactive games and content.

The first photo we found while trying to get more options in was the Disney Princess logo. It was easily found on the costume and accessories display right in the aisle of Wal-Mart. While my daughter played with the dresses and checked out the shoes, wands, and more, I used the app to hover over the picture and scan it to reveal our newest option in accessories in the Royal Ball 2.0 app.

We then tried the app out in Electronics by scanning the Cinderella Blu-Ray/DVD cover. Sadly the image did not scan. I tried again with another Cinderella cover and it still wouldn't work so we put the phone away for a bit and decided to pick out a princess dress for my little princess.

Creating a Princess
As we walked down the costume aisle we found quite a few princess dresses for older kids but since my daughter is almost two, we were looking for a toddler costume. I had heard from a friend that most of the toddler costumes are quite short so I thought picking up a 2T size would be the best option for my daughter.

That still didn't stop me for oohing and ahhing at the adorable Disney Baby Cinderella dress (right hand side). It was simply gorgeous! And so simple.If I saw it last year I would have definitely gotten it for my daughter. But eventually we found the toddler-sized Disney Princess Cinderella dress that my daughter loved and were ready to grab our paper goods and goodie bags from the party aisle and head home to get ready for our party.

Luckily for us, the party aisle had a Disney Princess section where we were able to grab what we needed (including goodie bags that already contained everything we needed!). Did I mention giving in to some adorable Little People Disney Princesses a bit earlier in our shopping trip? I couldn't resist!

Now that we had all of the makings for an awesome Princess Halloween party it was time to head over to check out and get home to start cleaning and baking. Stay tuned to find out how our party turned out!

For more photos of my shopping experience, visit my Halloween Princess Google + album.

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Tiffany C. said... Reply To This Comment

Can't wait to read more on how the party goes. Sounds like fun. I know your little girl and all her friends are sure to have a blast.

AdventuresFrugalMom said... Reply To This Comment

I love Cinderella she is one of my favorite princesses.

KathleenKL said... Reply To This Comment

she is so cute and she'll have her fav princess soon enough. I loved when my girls were younger and in that stage!! have fun at your party :)

Icar said... Reply To This Comment

I think we all grew up wanting to be a princess someday.

Your princess is so adorable!

I love looking for Disney Princess costumes for my 21month old daughter. And we skipped going to Disneyland in our LA trip this year because my husband and I wanted to do it with her maybe next year. Thanks for this very informative post!


Mama Luvs Books said... Reply To This Comment

Nice job! We loved the Cinderella movie! Have a blast!!! And your Walmart looks so cute!

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How fun is this?! My daughter loves Cinderella. I'll have to check this out.

Amanda @ Frugal Greenish Mama said... Reply To This Comment

Your daughter is so cute and we are in the same boat with our little one! After our trip to Disney World this summer she can't wait to go back and is so in love with the castle and Minnie!

The app looks amazing!

LaVonne @ Long Wait said... Reply To This Comment

My own Princess would love these costumes. Thanks for sharing. It looks so awesome. I like that app too. I have an iPad and iPod touch I will have to check it out.

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A girl's dream! How fun!

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Love this! Your little Princess is beautiful and it looks like you found a lot of wonderful things for your party!

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So much fun! I want a baby girl so I can do princess-y stuff like this.

Amanda @ Survival Guide said... Reply To This Comment

Awesome job, I can't wait to see the party pictures!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I can't wait to pick this up on Blu Ray! And I think I want to throw a Princess party for myself!!

Jen @ BigBinder said... Reply To This Comment

She is adorable, I'm sure over the next few years you'll be glad you have the Cinderella movie!

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I cannot wait to hear about the party! I'm jealous right now that I don't have a little girl!