My Journey to Going Gluten Free with Udi's 14-Day Challenge

I've been thinking about going gluten-free for a bit. For the past few months I've been sluggish, worn down, and just plain unmotivated. After reading about how reducing gluten in the diet can help alleviate a lot of these symptoms as well as aid in weight loss and healthy living, I decided that I'd try to reduce the gluten in my diet.

Sadly I didn't go very far. So I've decided try the Udi's gluten free 14-Day challenge.  Once I've completed 14 days of being gluten free I'll start to add a little bit of gluten back into my diet but for the most part I hope to stick with low-gluten. By going gluten free for 14 days I'm hoping to gain back some energy, jump start my weight loss, and start reducing gluten in my diet.

So on October 1st I'll be starting my gluten-free journey. I know it'll be a huge challenge for me. Gluten is totally my weakness and where I go overboard so I hope that going cold turkey for 14 days will help me get back on track and ready to kick this weight loss in the butt!

Would you like to go gluten free and try this 
14-day challenge with me? 

Check out Udi's Gluten Free Blog for great tips, ideas, and recipes! They have plenty of resources and a great community of support to help out.

Disclaimer: I received an Udi's Gluten Free 14 Day Challenge Pack for review purposes only. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Holly (Woman Tribune) said... Reply To This Comment

Good luck with the Udi's Gluten Free 14-Day Challenge! I have heard so much about going gluten free and can't even imagine how difficult it would be to cut all of the gluten out of my diet. It's great that Udi's has a line of products and a blog dedicated to helping people go gluten-free.