Fluffy Goodness and More at Mama's Emporium {Rump-a-rooz Cloth Diapers}

When I make purchases I try to stay aware of local businesses. While it isn't essential that every purchase I make be local, I love to try and give back to the community. Especially when local means a WAHM.

WAHM = Work at Home Mom... like me!

And while the most recent WAHM I've been working with isn't in So Cal, she has a fabulous online presence with a great selection of products made in the USA. You might remember my post about my daughter's new fabulous nail polish?

Well, Mama's Emporium sells more than just nail polish as I mentioned before. They also sell fabulous fluff. And the fluff below is made in the USA!

I received this gorgeous Rump-a-rooz diaper in the mail a few weeks ago and boy have we had fun testing it out! Not only is this pattern to die for, the diaper also works very well.

Absorbency and Options
What I loved about the diaper as soon as I opened it was the fact that there were many different options for stuffing the diaper. And I was lucky enough to receive not only a microfiber insert, but a hemp insert as well. And we all know how I love hemp!

As I said, Rump-a-rooz gives you options when it comes to inserts:

  • Rumparooz MicroFiber 6r Soaker Set-
  • Rumparooz Bamboo 6r Soaker Set
  • Rumparooz Hemp 6r Soaker Set

Each insert comes with 5 layers! 3 layers are Newborn/Booster and 2 layers are contoured. That means a LOT of added protection in these inserts. And added protection means no leaking!

What I love about the hemp inserts is that because they're so absorbent, I can use this Rump-a-rooz as a nighttime diaper for my daughter. Since she isn't a heavy wetter like my son, this diaper is more than enough for her night time needs.

Contoured and Snug Fit
Another fabulous feature of this diaper is the fact that it's double gusseted in the legs. That means that I don't have to worry about leaks of any kind. There's even an extra gusset at the back of the diaper as well in case anything moves upwards while my daughter is sitting (if you know what I mean).

The Rump-a-rooz one size pocket diaper is also meant to be used throughout each stage in your child's life. From newborn to toddler, this diaper can be snapped down or up to fit perfectly every time.

Since my daughter is petite, I have been using aplix closures on her diapers but recently she started to take her diapers off due to the ease of lifting the aplix tab. So I've had to turn to snap closures instead and that can sometimes be difficult to allow a tight fit for her little waist.

But with the options I have to snap this Rump-a-rooz in place, I have no problem creating the perfect, snug fit every time we put this diaper on her. Its as if this diaper was made to fit her body.

Stylish and Classy
My daughter's gorgeous Lux print is just one of the many options of patterns and colors that Rump-a-rooz is available in. I had such a hard time picking out a pattern that would be perfect for my girl but as soon as I saw this pretty pink diaper, I was in love. And so was my daughter!

As soon as I put the diaper on her, she grabbed her pearls and her nail polish and headed outside so I could take a few photos. Of course we only got a few of her actually looking at me. The rest of the time she was playing with her car and water table. And she sure looked fabulous!

Rump-a-rooz also includes solid prints as well such as Rootbeer brown, Amethyst purple, Tulip pink, Crimson red, and many more. For a full page of all of the patterns and colors available check out Mama's Emporium's website.

Interested in cloth diapering but aren't quite sure where to start? 

Rump-a-rooz would be a great diaper to have on hand for an easy transition to cloth diapering. We love this diaper for night time use and as an emergency diaper in the diaper bag since it's simple and easy to use while out and about.

For more information about Mama's Emporium, head on over and check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter. There are always awesome sales, contests, and new product information announced!

The Simmworks Family Blog will be participating in the upcoming Green Family Giveaway starting September 15th. Find the perfect green items for your family and much much more!

I am pleased to announce that Mama's Emporium will be including a $25 gift card towards any purchase in their store for one lucky winner on the Simmworks Family Blog. So remember to head back and enter to win!

Disclaimer: I received a Rumparooz diaper for review purposes only. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

27 comment(s) with love:

Christine said... Reply To This Comment

I love my rumparooz diapers! I have two and had always used them (with both inserts) for night time since they hold up so well!

Tosia Drew said... Reply To This Comment

These look super cute I've seen reviews on Rumparooz before and they say only good things I would love to try them

Mariah @ FormulaMom.com said... Reply To This Comment

We used the Lil' Joeys when W was a newborn and I loved them! I love the prints on the Rumparooz!

Lacey Crochet said... Reply To This Comment

This is my favorite print right now!!

Ashley Suzanne said... Reply To This Comment

I love the first picture of your little one, and I would love to try a Rumparooz diaper.

LaVonne @ Long Wait said... Reply To This Comment

This looks like such a cute diaper. And your little girl is so precious! Thanks for sharing. We are using gDiapers and disposable but if we switch to cloth I will have to look into this.

Jessica Schank Snow said... Reply To This Comment

These are absolutely adorable.
Thanks for the review! =)

Tiffany Cruz said... Reply To This Comment

I entered your giveaway. Fingers crossed. I absolutely love the print your daughter is wearing.

Bekah Kuczenski said... Reply To This Comment

This diaper is adorable, I have not yet tried rumparooz but I really want to!

Trista said... Reply To This Comment

I have yet to try Rumparooz, but they do look like they would be a great CD

The Frugal Greenish Mama said... Reply To This Comment

They look comfy! I am all about supporting a WAHM :) Thanks for sharing her shop, I will be sure to check it out!

rachel said... Reply To This Comment

I love cloth diapers. My older son is pretty chunky, so sometimes I have a hard time getting things to fit around his waist. hopefully he will be out of diapers soon though. the little one seems to be pretty well proportioned so far, so maybe he will be easier to fit.

MissMannah said... Reply To This Comment

That diaper is so cute!

Sarah Caudle said... Reply To This Comment

I love these reviews, I hope I get to try them one day. :)

Kari said... Reply To This Comment

Love the print- so precious on Miss M!

And, you KNOW I am a Mama's Emporium fan!!!

Mena said... Reply To This Comment

super cute!

LeettleBaby said... Reply To This Comment

I have not tried Rumparooz yet...but would love to. The fire engine os is too cute! My little boy would love it :-)

Heather W. said... Reply To This Comment

Cute diaper! Don't think it would work for my little man though :) I've used Rumparooz covers before, and they worked great. This diaper looks really nice too.

judi said... Reply To This Comment

Interesting, my rumparooz was made in China. I like to look at my local cloth diaper store before I buy online. It's nice having that local resource but it will go away if we don't shop there.

Linda Lang said... Reply To This Comment

I would love to try this brand!

Carrie said... Reply To This Comment

What a cute diaper! I have heard good things about the Rumparooz and would love to try one.

Tiffany Winner said... Reply To This Comment

haven't tried this brand but the print you got is very cute

J. Olson said... Reply To This Comment

That print is gorgeous! These diapers are on my want-to-try-someday list! :)

Sonia said... Reply To This Comment

I am so glad cloth alternatives are becoming more well-known. They are so much better for individuals, as well as for the environment.

Beth R said... Reply To This Comment

We have one rumparooz and it is great for nightime!! It is great with their bamboo doubler!! Definitely need more

Alisha L. said... Reply To This Comment

We love our Rumparooz! We use it for night time diapers and never have a leak.

Dani Sue said... Reply To This Comment

I love Mama's Emporium! I've purchased some gently used Rearz which were great for Immie as a newborn. I also received a free sample of diaper cream which was an added bonus!