Grab the Tissues! You're going to need them {Disney's The Odd Life of Timothy Green #Timothy Green}

When I was in New York City for BlogHer'12 I had the honor of being able to pre-screen an amazing movie. Disney's The Odd Life of Timothy Green is emotional, magical, and just plain amazing.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is the heartwarming story of a couple pained with infertility. They were at the end of their hope and left one night to continuing the dream of their perfect child. With that (and a little magic) Timothy Green came into their lives... through their garden.

Throughout this whole movie I found myself going through a wave of different emotions; heartbreak, happiness, joy, sadness, and then finally a wave of content. I absolutely loved the magic of it all. The mystery behind Timothy.

With all of their hopes and dreams of their unborn child in one small wooden box burried in the garden, Cindy and Jim Green (played by Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton) buried their chances of parenthood. Until a freak storm came, poured water from the heavens, and a special boy appeared.

As the story unfolded and we grew to love Timothy right along with the Green's an amazing realization hit. Every attribute and characteristic Cindy and Jim wrote in that little wooden box matched Timothy. And every moment his parents realized this they became more and more wound up in what everyone else thought of Timothy rather than how they were with him.

Seeing them struggle with parenting, how to confront issues in their immediate and extended family, as well as deal with the hardship of the economy in this country created a storyline that not only seemed plausible, but hit home.

But through what Timothy taught them, and many others, hard times weren't as hard as they once were. And everything seemed a little more possible.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is truly the summers most magical movie and should not be missed! It's been in theaters for 5 days now and would make for a perfect afternoon out with family.If you're looking for a great way to beat the heat this weekend, go see this movie.

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The Odd Life of Timothy Green is in theaters everywhere now!

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Darcy said... Reply To This Comment

I loved this movie. It's emotional but has lots of great messages in it

Edohpa said... Reply To This Comment

I can not wait to see this movie!! The previews and commercials make it look very very good!!

Kelli Avery

mywildcrazylife said... Reply To This Comment

I am dying to see this movie. You make it sound so great!