Simmworks Family Weight Loss Challenge {Month 2}

I have to say that I was a bit apprehensive stepping on the scale. Wasn't sure what I'd find and was afraid that my monthy visitor had come a little early to mess things up. But honestly, even with a 0.2 gain, I'm happy!!

No, it's not huge. But last month I ended with a weight that was OVER my starting weight. So being back down makes my whole attitude about this challenge change. I really did think I'd be down 10-15 pound by now in time for BlogHer. That goal was not made. So I'm going to pick it up and get down to business.

But first... I fly to New York City to attend BlogHer'12. And while I'll be conscious about what I'm putting in my mouth, I will not limit myself if something delicious heads my way. That's what all the walking is for, right? No weigh in on Friday (nor last Friday) so this weigh in serves for both. I'll update next Friday when I've (hopefully) balanced out all the fun I'll have this weekend.

Here's what worked for me this month:
  • Walking the neighborhood with the kids 4-5 mornings a week (while wearing my FitBit daily)
  • Continuing to eat my meals on my Precise Portions dinnerware
  • Being consistant with what I'm eating 
  • Regularly using Shakeology for lunch

What I need to work on:
  • Getting to the gym!! Those membership dues keeps getting deducted and I need to use it.
  • Logging my points on WW

My Plan:
  • Scheduling regular gym dates with a buddy
  • Starting to swim laps (no class time needed!)
  • Walking every day with the kids or dog
  • Log my points!! Again... paying for WW, I need to use it. 
And I'm not doing this alone! I have a team of other bloggers who are sharing their journey as well. So head on over and see what they have to say! Then go enter our August WLC Giveaway! You could win a Meal Planning Guide AND Digital Scale from Ozeri. 

13 comment(s) with love:

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

The portion plates are neat. Taking the dogs for a walk is nice b/c it doesn't feel like "exercise."
Good luck!!
marie h

Jess Toothman said... Reply To This Comment

Good for you, I hope you can stick to your plan!

Jeannette said... Reply To This Comment

Great job! Stick with it and you'll get to your goal. Consistancy is the key!

Amanda T said... Reply To This Comment

You can do it! Great idea submerging yourself with other Bloggers. I just finished 10 months on Nutrisystem, and am still continuing my journey on my own as well :)

From PDX with Love said... Reply To This Comment

I think you are on the right track!! And walking is soooo good for you!! I lost a lot of weight when I worked in CO (walked to and from work, had to stand all my shift -I was a cashier-, plus helping unload the truck really helped)! Keep it up! And enjoy BlogHer!! :D


Mary Johnson said... Reply To This Comment

How wonderful! And, so inspiring! Keep up the great work :)

Elizabeth Pyo said... Reply To This Comment

How inspiring! I need to get back into shape after baby. Enjoy Blogher!!

Ashley S said... Reply To This Comment

OH I like that dinnerware you are using! It's great that you have a "team" for support. Good luck in your weight loss journey :)

laura said... Reply To This Comment

Good job! Have a game plan for your trip is a wonderful idea!

I'm on a journey trying to get back some of what I gained. I've been writing Mondays posts to help others, but mainly myself. Motivation is tough to have some weeks!

Paula Schuck said... Reply To This Comment

Good for you. I think you seem really smart about this plan too. I like that! Good luck. I may see you soon at Blogher12.

jaffa said... Reply To This Comment

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