Send the Kids Back to School with Love from Hallmark

Are your kids heading back to school soon?

Trying to find great ideas to let them know you're thinking of them throughout their first days? Why not let Hallmark help with what they do best, creating cherished memories on paper!

Hallmark has an amazing Back to School line of cards, sentiments, and toys for kids of any age including:
  • Kids Encouragement greeting cards, which feature kid-appropriate topics from managing difficult academic or social situations to achieving a personal goal in the classroom or on the field. 
  • Hallmark’s “any day” greeting cards for kids, featuring music sensation Justin Bieber
  • Lunchbox Notes, which offer 50 ways for you to add a little love to lunchtime. 
  • Bug ’Em, a pint-sized plush that can hold cards and other tokens of encouragement and give an unexpected lift to any youngster’s day. 

These wonderful products not only let your child know that you care on their first few days, it also offers an open line of communication with your child. After they get home and you want to talk to them about their first day, you can start by asking if they received your message or card and then go from there. 

My son absolutely loved the plush Bug 'Em I sent with him on his first day of preschool. His teacher knew that I left a special not for him wiht my Lunchbox Notes and had him open up his little bug after snacktime. She read it to him and let him know that I was thinking of him and how special he was.

When he got home he immediately asked if I hid a secret note in his bug. He was so excited that he wanted to leave me a note the next day at school.

And the Bug 'Em line also comes with an adorable ladybug as well (my daughter's favorite) so I know we'll have to head back out to Hallmark and pick her up one too even though she's a bit too young for school!

Not only does leaving these little words of encouragement let your child know your thinking of them, it also builds up self esteem, independence, and motivation to keep on going! Because they know that they have the support they need at home to thrive at school.

What are you most looking forward to this school year?

10 comment(s) with love:

peg42 said... Reply To This Comment

Love the Bug em plush. What a great way to brighten my kids days.

Melanie said... Reply To This Comment

I think this is a great idea! Back to school can be a stressful time for children..what a nice way to make the transition easier and also a great unexpected way to show some love and support to your child

Close to Home said... Reply To This Comment

to get back to blogging more once kids start school a little nervous b.c 2 of my kids changing schools...

AmberFaith said... Reply To This Comment

Such cute products! My daughter isn't old enough for school, but I am going back in about a week! I'm looking forward to getting it over with, to be honest! LOL

esahm said... Reply To This Comment

These are really sweet! This would be a great way to give a nervous new schooler some extra confidence!

Jayne @ Four Parks, One Day said... Reply To This Comment

Besides mentioning on the giveaway that I was looking forward to being more involved at Tee's school this year, I also enjoyed school clothes shopping. It was fun.

Hallmark makes such thoughtful products and that Bug 'Em is really cute.

Tracy said... Reply To This Comment

There is something so incredibly special about receiving a greeting card from a loved one... no matter how old you are. Hallmark makes this world a happier place.
Tracy Awalt Juliano

Lindsay @ Laughing Lindsay said... Reply To This Comment

Aww! I think these are a great idea. Everyone loves a hand written note.

Debbi said... Reply To This Comment

I love the bug! All of my kiddos would love him, and the notes are great too.

Just Jenn Jo said... Reply To This Comment

I love the BugEm he is so cute. Jennifer Jo Archdeacon