Our New Pets {Toddler Responsibilities}

Last week our family grew by two little members.

They don't have names yet but they're much adored! My daughter and son went to the pet store with my husband after waiting what felt like an eternity for the tank to be set up. And they picked out two guppies (or fancy guppies??).

My son was quick to point out that the blue one was sisters and the orangish one was his. And that he was in charge of feeding them. Every.single.day.

Can't wait to see what the kids do with their new responsibility. So far my son has not forgotten one day. That's more than I can say for myself and the poor dog... Oh Scout. You're still loved!

 And no, the fish aren't still in that little bowl. They've now been transferred successfully to their tank and are happily swimming around in the playroom.

What's next? Probably a chinchilla. Those are awesome! 

Here are a few reasons why pets ROCK in teaching children responsibility: 

  • Kids have to think about someone other than themselves when caring for an animal.
  • There's more than just feeding and watering, kids start to realize that pets need love and attention too.
  • With life comes death. Yeah... one of the fish just died. Lets go have the talk!
  • By taking care of a pet, your child can show you how independent they are.
  • Pets can share the same joy their small owners have making the relationship mutually beneficial (well... maybe not fish, but dogs are awesome for this. So are chinchillas).
Do you own pets?

3 comment(s) with love:

Dede said... Reply To This Comment

How fun! That's a great opportunity to teach your child compassion, responsibility, etc.

The Frugal Greenish Mama said... Reply To This Comment

I think it is a great idea! We have chickens, rabbits (for the kids) and pigs along with a dog and cat. My kids know it is work to care for animals and although they don't everyday, they love to help out.

mywildcrazylife said... Reply To This Comment

And here you thought you'd never use that Pampered Chef Bowl ;D. I love it! Seriously, that is a great idea for teaching responsibility and love for another creature!