Squeaky Clean Baths the Organic Way with Live Clean Baby

Bathtime at my home is filled with laughter, and tears. My daughter hates baths but my son absolutely loves them! So we are usually either rushing through it or taking our time and having fun. So for the most part we bathe our children separately.

And since my daughter suffers from eczema a bit worse than her brother, we use specific products for her bath time that are different from what we use on him.

For my son we have started to use some wonderful products from Live Clean Baby.

Live Clean Baby carries a fabulous line of eco-friendly baby and toddler care products that leave our kids squeaky clean. Not only does Live Clean think about our children, but they also think about our environment in every product they create. Each product contains plant-based formulations that include certified organic botanicals that are safe for baby and the earth.

Bar Soap
My son is quite obsessed with washing himself and doing things on his own. By having his own bar soap to use during bath time, he's allowed to be in charge of all the washing. And he does a fabulous job. We simply give him a wash cloth and his Live Clean Baby bar soap and he takes care of everything... including behind his ears.

We also use Live Clean's tearless shampoo during our cleaning routine as well. The product has a light clean scent that doesn't bother my son and his hair shines beautifully after each use. Since we only bathe our children every 2-3 days, we wash his hair every time. Even with the frequent use we haven't noticed any build up or other issues we've had with other shampoos.

I also trust my son to use the shampoo himself (with supervision) without worrying that it will irritate his eyes. It's gentle enough that he can rinse the shampoo out of his hair on his own without redness if it accidentally gets into his eyes. I love how independent my son is getting and that I can allow him to do these little tasks himself.

Baby Bath
The baby bath is gentle, soothing, and perfect for those nights that our rambunctious  pre-schooler just won't settle down. I have simply added a few drops into his bath instead of using it as a wash and the calming lavender and aloe seem to do their job perfectly.

Even though my son doesn't have quite as much of a problem with dry skin as my daughter does, I still make sure to apply lotion after every bath so that the moisture is trapped inside his skin. The Live Clean Baby lotion is soft and non-greasy. It quickly is absorbed into my son's skin and leaves a gentle scent similar to the shampoo and body wash.

Live Clean also carries fabulous products for the whole family!

Live Clean Enviro-Kidz
As my children get older I will be looking for the next step up in eco-friendly kids skin and body care. The Live Clean line of kids products will definitely be something our family can graduate to once they get a bit older. This collection includes the Berry Burst or Fruit Explosion 2 in 1's and the Tropical Splash Detangler (perfect for my daughter's curly hair).

Live Clean Fresh Face 
Live Clean's luxurious collection of eco-friendly skin care will leave your skin feeling amazing. It's made from a natural plant-based formula that includes pure essential oils.

Live Clean doesn't just stop there. Feel free to check out their website and I am sure you will find the perfect skin and body care for you and your family!

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Disclaimer: I received a set of Live Clean Baby products for review purposes only. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 


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I love these products, they are really great and smell good too. I even use them from time to time.