Skin It Droid RAZR Phone Skin {#BlogHer12 Prep}

One thing I've always needed for my Droid RAZR but have never bothered to get is a great phone case. Not only did I want something that would help minimize the scrapes and bumps but I also wanted something pretty to look at.

Everything I found either was only compatible with an iPhone or just wasn't my style. I didn't want something that added bulk and I didn't want something that messed with the functionality of the phone. I mean I got a RAZR for the size... super thin. Why put a large case on it to add weight and width?

So when I found Skin It online I knew I found my solution! Not only did I get to design my own phone skin, but I designed it around my blog header! And it was super easy too. I just grabbed my blog header picture, uploaded it, repositioned it to fit and hit add to cart. All for $20!

How cute is it??

I've only had it for two days but have already received compliments from 5 strangers and 2 friends, one of which is designing her own to be delivered soon! I absolutely love being able to whip out my phone now to check twitter or update Instagram because I know my phone will turn into a conversation starter with whomever I'm with.

This will prove to be quite helpful when I head to NYC for BlogHer'12 in a week and a half.

The first time I saw someone with a customized phone case designed to fit their blog was on the day we were on the halloween costume segment at Fox 5. I had just met Chelsea and her adorable baby, from Someday I'll Learn, and I immediately saw her iPhone case.

Because I didn't quite know her yet and my kids were running rampant amongst angry birds, pumpkins, and I didn't get to ask her where she ordered her case from. So a few months later when I actually remembered, I simply did a search on her blog for phone cases and came to find her post on blog branding.

So I made the leap, decided to brand up my cell phone, and absolutely LOVE the way it turned out. I'm thinking about making a custom insert for my Creative Travel Mug too... although I'm not sure that's taking it overboard. Is it?

Do you like customized items? What have you customized? 

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this post. Skin It did not send me a free skin, nor any other products. I'm simply blogging about it in case any of my other friends are looking for a great customizable skin for their phone, laptop, or other device.

3 comment(s) with love:

LaVonne @ Long Wait said... Reply To This Comment

What a great idea! That will be so great for BlogHer. Enjoy your time there!

I love customized products. Especially photo books and story books and CDs.

Thanks for sharing!

The Frugal Greenish Mama said... Reply To This Comment

It looks amazing! I so wish I were going to BlogHer with you! Have some fun for me too!

mywildcrazylife said... Reply To This Comment

It turned out so good and looks great! I am going to have to check this out for myself!