Simmworks Family Weight Loss Challenge {Month 1}

Well... I honestly don't know what to say here.

I completed month one but have no idea how I went from being down 3.2 pound and on the right track to being UP 0.8 pounds from my start weight on June 1st.

I cried. I lost it. And I got mad. And then I went out and celebrated my 5 year anniversary.Because I deserved an awesome weekend with my husband.

I didn't even bother taking new photos for the month so I included one of me from our stay at the San Diego Hilton above.

Not only have I been watching what I eat, I've been working on portion control with my Precise Portions cookware, and I've been working on exercise by wearing my FitBit every day to count steps. I've been averaging 8-10,000 steps a day depending on how active we are and if we take our morning walk.

Not to mention my Shakeology shake a day AND using Weight Watchers online. So I'm really kinda at a loss. Weight loss has always been easy up until this weight range and I need to get to the 190s soon! It is driving me crazy.

So I'm up for hearing any and all tips and tricks! If you know of something I should be doing but am not feel free to let me know!

And don't forget the 

Make sure you visit the other bloggers participating in this challenge and help cheer them on as they reach their own personal Weight Loss Challenge goals!

Weight Loss Progress
Starting Weight: 204 lbs 6/1/2012
Size 12/14
Current Weight: 204.8 lbs 7/1/2012
Size 14
Total to go: 49 lbs
Total lost: +0.8 lb
 First Post - The Beginning
Week 1: -1lb
Week 2: -2.2lbs 
Week 3: -0.4lbs 
Week 4: +4.4

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Cassie said... Reply To This Comment

Are you lifting weights? I would recommend taking your measurements this month and looking at those too. Especially if you are lifting weights because muscle weighs more then fat and you will see inches lost before pounds when you are lifting. Hang in there girl! WE can do this together.

Jen + Jeff said... Reply To This Comment

Sorry to hear Danielle. I know that it is disappointing to be working hard with no results. I agree with Cassie above... light weight lifting will help change your body and help burn calories even when you aren't working out! WE WILL do this!