Sidekix - The Toy You Take On-The-Go

Every kid needs a buddy. Someone they can play with, imagine and explore, and get creative. It helps when that buddy is less than a foot long and rolls up into a nice ball that makes it easy to carry around!

Sidekix are the solution to every kid's need for a buddy on-the-go. From cool ball that can snap onto a backpack, belt loop or lunch sack to a plush, soft, fun animal who's ready for an adventure, each Sidekix has it's own unique personality and is ready to play with the little one who's lucky enough to be paired with them.

We received Inferno in the mail last week and as soon as my daughter saw the ball she squealed and yelled, "Bah, bah, bah!"

Then I showed her what it really was:

And she immediately started loving on it. Kissing, petting, playing.

It was like she and Inferno had always been buddies and she was so excited to have a Sidekix of her own. Until her brother woke up from his nap. And wondered where his Sidekix was. Oops! Guess we'll be ordering a few more in the very near future.

Potty training rewards? Perfect!

Each loveable plush comes with their own identifying mark letting you know who they are. There are 5 total and include Mojo the Dog, Click-A-Dee-Chick-A-Dee the Chick, Savannah the Zebra (whom my son wants), Bamboo the Panda, and our little Inferno the dragon.

They can be used as a ball to kick and tossed around, or flip them inside out to play with as a stuffed animal would. My kids have attached our Inferno to their back pack, balance bike, wagon, jean belt loop, and my purse. I absolutely love how portable this little guy is!

Mealtime at restaurants are a heck of a lot smoother with Inferno around as well. Because he compactly fits into my diaper bag or purse, we can bring him around for pre-dinner play as we wait for our food.

My kids have quickly fallen in love with this little guy and we can't wait to adopt a few more to join our family. Interested in purchasing one of your own or want to find out more? 

4 comment(s) with love:

Mama Nibbles said... Reply To This Comment

How cute are those, I bet my 2 year old would have a riot with one!

About A Mom said... Reply To This Comment

That is such a cute little toy! I love things like this that are easy to take with and are lots of fun!

mywildcrazylife said... Reply To This Comment

What a cute toy! My son would love this because he is still into stuffies, but loves dragons and dinosaurs! Great Review, and cute little one there!

Ashleigh Walls said... Reply To This Comment

I love the versatility of this toy! How cute is that dragon?! My boy would love him, and we're getting close to potty training so I think that idea is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing.