My Motto: Just Don't Look On The Tag(s)!

Throughout my weight loss and weight gain one thing I've come to learn is that the tags in your clothes, and in your shoes, lie. And when I first realized that sizes vary by brand, shape, and fabric I started to ignore the tag and just go with what feels right on me.

I've started to realize that this not only goes for the size of the clothes, but for the price tag as well. I sometimes will put back an amazing dress or shirt because I look down and see it isn't in the budget. But I realize now that a dress that fits well and is made well will last a lot longer than the dress I might see on the sale rack.

Just because it cost less doesn't mean it'll end up being less expensive in the long run.

By shopping with price in mind I've found myself making purchases that just don't work out in the long run. And I end up getting rid of a lot of the clothes I purchase from the sales racks. When my closets are purged, I go buy more clothes. 

So before I buy anything, I now really think about my purchases. Sure, there are spur of the moment buys. Impulse shopping can't go completely away. But I try to do my impulse shopping with friends who will let me know if something really does look good on me, and not just what the mirror or tag tells me.

The exception? When I go to a discount retail store and find a great product for less.

So I'm not paying retail, but I am making sure that the clothing and the shoes fit well before I walk out of the store. Take the shoes above. The Converse are a size 10. I originally grabbed an 11 but they were too long and just looked funny. So I grabbed a pair of 10s and called it a day.

Then I headed over to another store and found these Coach flats. I didn't even look at that huge sticker inside of the shoes. They just called to me and I had to try them on. So I was surprised to find that they were a size 11 1/2! OMGoodness... I did not think I was an 11 1/2. I'm actually a 10 1/2 wide.

Different styles, different brands, different shoes. Don't look at the tags!

How do you shop? 

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About A Mom said... Reply To This Comment

Great post! I always shop for quality over quantity.

Nikki said... Reply To This Comment

That is great advice! I shop by price a lot because I'm broke, but sometimes you really have to go with quality over price. Like with shoes!

LaVonne @ Long Wait said... Reply To This Comment

It is difficult to not look at the sizes. But I agree that paying more for better quality is important. Thanks for sharing this post with us. I appreciate it!