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My oldest is just about to start pre-school for the first time. He's never gone to daycare, nor has he been watched by anyone other than family (and one family friend for a short period). Since birth I have been the one to teach him. To create experiences for him and to introduce him to new things.

When I think about who I'm handing him over to when he starts school I get nervous. then I realize that I have total control of where he goes and who his teacher is. That is until he's in elementary school.

I have to wonder with the changes made in the school systems, the budget cuts, the layoffs, have affected the teachers that are left in the schools.

Why are teachers not being held to a higher regard in this country? Why are we not doing everything we can to assure that the people who are teaching our cihldren are receiving adequate pay and adequate supplies to actually teach?!

A teacher who is limited to a specific curriculum, limited supplies, and a limited budget can only do so much. And after a few years that teacher might lose the drive and motivation they once had when they started their career. What if that burned out teacher is the one my son gets when he starts?

Because of these questions and concerns, I have to wonder if this stagnation, not being able to move forward, that is keeping our teachers from reaching a higher level in their careers, is another reason why teachers are losing their motivation.

If it is, what can I do about it? So I'm starting to look for answers, and maybe an alternative to what is available for me. I have the ability to choose where I send my son, who teaches him, and how I emphasize what is taught when he comes home. I will not let budget cuts and school reforms change the schooling my son receives and will make sure to be as involved as possible to help aid his teachers in teaching him.

I recently read Mission Possible by Eva Moskowitz, a book geared towards reforming schools and changing policies to allow schools to get things done much faster. They offer classroom-tested methods for dramatic improvement in teaching and learning and reveal the results of their many tests.

The Success Academy charter schools have proven to be quite successful. Children who attend a Success Academy are expected to take action. And parents are involved as well. All of the pressure isn't just put on the teacher, but the teacher-child-parent unit as a whole.

Teachers who work at a charter school like Success Academy are able to:
  • Be more creative and innovative in their instructional approach 
  • Choose their own curriculum
  • Control their budget
  • Not automatically be subject to the teachers' union contract
With these differences and many more in the charter school system, our children are in classrooms with happier, better paid teachers with the resources needed to teach. Head on over to the Success Academy website for more information.

To learn more about Eva's book and her mission, you can find her on Facebook and Twitter. You can also check out the Mission Possible website for a list of stores where the book is available for purchase. Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to Eva on Facebook or Twitter!

Why do you think this country treats teaching so differently than it does other professions?

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Ashley S said... Reply To This Comment

To be honest I'm not too familiar with charter schools. We are blessed to live in the part of our city were my son will go to a beyond amazing public elementary school. However, we are cursed that he will then have to go to our city's below average middle school and failing high school. Maybe charter schools are something I should look into? It is a shame there are so many budget cuts these days. However, I want my son to go where he will be able to receive the best education possible. Thank you for this post!

Audrey said... Reply To This Comment

I would love to read this book. It is mind boggling how public education is this country is handled (health care, too, but that's a whole other can of worms!). Educating kids/youth is one of the most important things we can do to ensure a prosperous future for this country as a whole as well as at the individual level. Budget cuts, unfortunate union rules that allow longevity to trump quality teaching, and a whole lot more are big challenges.

Grace Hodgin said... Reply To This Comment

My daughter found an excellent charter school in her area and my grand children do well. They are teach in all three areas of learning such as hands on, visual, and auditory. I've often said if we paid our politicians like we do our teachers then teachers would start getting paid more. Am a big believer in elevating the status of teachers.

AMBER EDWARDS said... Reply To This Comment

I am always complaining about how teachers are treated! My kids have had some truly amazing teachers, but they definitely don't get paid what they are worth. It is ridiculous when we had to lose a teacher because of budget cuts at the school..and which teacher did they get rid of? The one that had the most success because the other unliked teacher had tenure. My dear friend just recently changed to teacher at a charter school and she loves it much better, the treatment is better, the freedom to teach is there and I'm so happy for her. Although I'm sad my kids no longer can have her as their teacher. I think our schools definitely need a school reform. Why do they think so many people end up homeschooling? Because they aren't happy with what is happening in the school systems.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

This country does not appreciate/understand the necessity of education.


Gianna said... Reply To This Comment

Teaching is different. So is law enforcement.. etc