Week 1 Weigh In #simmwlc

Week 1 results are in! And my EatSmart Pro Get Fit body fat scale says I'm down 1lb.

Honestly I'm a bit underwhelmed but I did have a wedding this past weekend and I didn't have any time to get to the gym. I did work out from home but need to step it up.

So next week it's on! Starting tomorrow I'll have a gameplan. Food journaling every day (and not at the end of the night when I forget a bite here and there), meal planning for dinners so we aren't tempted to eat out, and reminders to drink water throughout the day.

I can do this. And I will see another loss on the scale next Friday!

Weight Loss Progress

Starting Weight: 204 lbs 6/1/2012
Size 12/14
Current Weight: 203 lbs 6/8/2012
Size 12/14
Total to go: 48 lbs
Total lost: 1 lb

3 comment(s) with love:

East9thStreet said... Reply To This Comment

You CAN do this! I'm rooting for you! I gave one week left of my fitness challenge and if I stick to the plan and keep pushing play, I'll be happy with myself no matter what the final # is.

Celebrate Woman said... Reply To This Comment

I support you on this path! Challenging, but when you have a great support, all things possible.
Love you and embrace you. You deserve your healthier you. Your kids, your family love you. And we, blogger moms out there, love you too!
Let's do it, Power Woman!

Barb W. said... Reply To This Comment

You can do this! And 1 pound is a step in the right direction - every 1 pound counts towards that ultimate goal.