Waking up to WONDERFUL News: Fairy Hobmother Visit


That's the sound I let out when I opened my email this morning. Seriously. The dog looked at me like I was crazy. Then I started to giggle. That's when the husband got worried. I just kept pointing to the computer screen. And saying, "The Fairy Hobmother! The Fairy Hobmother!" Of course this made no sense whatsoever to my husband so I read him the email.

The Fairy Hobmother visited the Simmworks Family Blog and has kindly gifted me with a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

You see, I have heard about the Fairy Hobmother off and on since the end of last year and what he does is just amazing. He flitters along from blog to blog in his fairy hobmother way and pays a special visit to other bloggers who have previously commented on a blog post that mentions him.

I absolutely love the giving nature of the Fairy Hobmother. I know from personal experience that many of my blogging friends have been able to purchase much needed appliances, electronics, and fun gifts for the kids just because the Fairy Hobmother helped give that little bit more that was needed.

The pay it forward approach he takes to giving a little love to bloggers is warmly welcomed. I absolutely love that there's no guessing where he'll appear next and enjoy seeing him pop up on the blogs I love to read.

And since he's come to visit me I finally get to purchase the final items needed to complete the kids bedroom makeover! I need to get some toy storage and something that will fit nicely in between the two beds. I was thinking something like this would work:

What do you think?

But then I saw this bench storage. How great would this be for shoes and toys? Then the kids could use the bench to help get dressed, sit and read, or do just about anything else they want.

But then I might not have anywhere else in the room to put a bookshelf. So then should I just go with a small bookshelf and some bean bag chairs? My husband is all about the bean bags! We definitely need to hone in on exactly what we need.

Take a look at the pictures of the room on my Facebook page in the Toddler Room Makeover album and let me know what you think we should get!

Are you in need of a visit from the Fairy Hobmother? Simply comment on this post below and he just may visit you!

Disclaimer: I received a $50 Amazon Gift Card from the Fairy Godmother in exchange for mentioning him in this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  

35 comment(s) with love:

Cassie said... Reply To This Comment

YEAH! How exciting. I see he has been popping up around more and more. My fingers are crossed that he will visit me.

Amber K said... Reply To This Comment

Oh, how I'd love a visit from this mysterious fairy (wink wink)lol. Congrats to you!

About A Mom said... Reply To This Comment

This is so neat!

The Maven said... Reply To This Comment

I'd love to wake up to that email! Happy shopping to you, I can't see what you pick!

Have a blissful day!


MommyKnowz said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah for you!! I like the second option! and thanks cause you are the first blog that explained this wonderful hobmother to me !! and i'd love a visit from the fairy hobmother!!!http://mommyknowz.blogspot.ca/

Krista said... Reply To This Comment

Squee! How exciting for you!!! That's so awesome! I've also read a lot about this Fairy Hobmother - and I sure wish I was paid a visit! I could use a little fairy dust ;)

MamaMunky said... Reply To This Comment

I think that's so cool. I love the bench, it is stylish and practical. I also love your blog header. The baby in heels is adorable.

Kathy (Kangaroo Mama) said... Reply To This Comment

I say go with the bean bag chairs and bookshelf. Then on the bookshelf, you can put storage containers on the bottom shelf for toy storage! That would be so fun I think for the kids to have bean bag chairs. My daughter (19months) has one and LOVES it. She lounges on it like a little bean bag potato while watching cartoons.

I would absolutely love to get visited by the fairy hobmother, we could really use it at this time too!


Courtney Fisk said... Reply To This Comment

So exciting!! and your possibilities are endless on Amazon! Enjoy!

Abby Murphy said... Reply To This Comment

This is so neat! I've never heard of it before!!

Crownd Vic said... Reply To This Comment

Oh how exciting! I didn't know such a thing/person existed. And what a great way to use your gift card!! :)

Come see me, please, Fairy Hobmother!!

Beth @ Me as a Mommy said... Reply To This Comment

How cool!!! This is my first time hearing about him. Would love to have a visit!!

Elle said... Reply To This Comment

Congratulations! That is so cool.

I'm glad you will be able to finish your room. I would go with bookshelves if it were me...but then I'm a reader and my house is overflowing with books even though I give lots of them away.

I would love a visit from the Fairy Hobmother myself!

Jen + Jeff said... Reply To This Comment

I love the storage bench. Can't wait to see the finished room! I hope the Fairy Hobmother visits me. :)

Shaun M said... Reply To This Comment

Love this! So great to see a people paying it forward in this day!! And I love the bench with storage! I think I need it :-)


LaVonne @ Long Wait said... Reply To This Comment

They both look great. I like the black storage a bit better. Congratulations on your Fairy Hobmother visit! Very cool! Enjoy the rest of your week :)

Kari said... Reply To This Comment

That's exciting news! It's awesome that the Fairy Hobmother visit is going to help you finish the room makeover.

I like the storage you picked out but if you had to pick, I'd choose a book shelf and bean bag chairs. Or could you do the first storage bin and put books on the top? And then add bean bags? :)

Diva Locks said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats on your visit :) I like both items, they both look great and seem really functional :)


The Frugal Greenish Mama said... Reply To This Comment

I am so happy for you Danielle! I love that you are thinking of getting something needed for your kids with your new gift! I think for me it would go to my grainmill fund. I need to grind flour today and it takes quite a while with my manual one, but fresh flour is so worth it! I would so love a visit to my blog :) http://thefrugalgreenishmama.com

Becky @TheMommyIsland said... Reply To This Comment

Absolutely love that storage unit, it would be so useful. Congrats, on your special visitor! What a fun way to spread joy around the blogoshere!

Jessica said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, that is so exciting! I could really use some extra money right now (but I won't count on it, lol). My husband and I are moving and the moving expenses have sucked up all our money. We're gonna be eating Ramen or hot dogs and macaroni and cheese all week, lol. But hey, such is life. =D

krystle said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats on your visit!

I love your organization system, your kids room is more organized than mine is! :)

Laura said... Reply To This Comment

How wonderful!! I've heard about the Fairy Hobmother!
Love the storage bench..looks like a great choice.

Someday I'll Learn said... Reply To This Comment

I've been hearing about this Fairy Hobmother all over the place. What a clever idea!

Mother Smucker said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats on the visit from the Fairy!!

Just Add Cloth said... Reply To This Comment

Cobgrats! How fun! I keep seeing more and more of these posts. :)

fancygrlnancy said... Reply To This Comment

love that bench storage.. Congrats on the visit.

Close to Home said... Reply To This Comment

I love items that serve 2 purposes, I would go with the bench with the storage!! also congrats on the visit.

Karren said... Reply To This Comment

I love that he is making the rounds, sure hope he stops by,that would be fun just to have him visit.
karrenh (@) gmail.com

Gena said... Reply To This Comment

What fun! I keep reading about how giving the Fairy Hobmother is and I would love a visit! I live on disability so it's really hard to come up extra for anything!


Mama to 4 said... Reply To This Comment

ooh, I like this, I could so use one of these for all of our shoes by the front entrance. A place to sit and storage for the shoes! Thanks for sharing!

MommyFerg02 said... Reply To This Comment

That is so exciting! I hope he comes to visit my blog sometime soon!


kc said... Reply To This Comment

What a fun visit and surpise! Yay!!

Angela said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats on the visit! I would love one too! We've been doing a lot of rearranging now that Pinky's getting older. Helps to find functional and good looking designs for the kids! Thanks, and crossing my fingers!

Jenny said... Reply To This Comment

It's always nice to receive a surprise.

*crosses fingers*