Mini Breakdowns A Plenty #NaBloPoMo

The past week or so I've been going through a change. I've started re-decorating my kids room and am changing things up a bit. That includes a few fresh coats of paint on the walls. Covering up the nursery stripes we added shortly before we had our first child.

I recently received forest friends wall decals from My Wonderful Walls and wanted to make sure I made the most of them in creating a great landscape for the decals to go on. I started painting a blue sky and rolling green hills so that the forest creatures would feel right at home.

As I finished up the last coat of green paint on the hills I put the lid on the paint can, closed the bedroom door, and went to check the decals website for any tips and tricks to putting them up.

The kids were happily playing in the playroom together so I didn't think anything of the silence that interrupted my time perusing the site. Until it became deafening. Then I started to worry...

I knew the kids were no longer in the playroom and had no idea where they had gone.

So I went off to find them. I walked down the hall, past the empty playroom to my son's bedroom door. And what I saw inside made my heart leap.

Paint. Green paint. Everywhere!

Click on photo to enlarge and REALLY see the damage If ever there was a time for me to lose it, this was it. I quickly rushed into action commanding the kids to stop what they were doing and put down the brushes (my daughter found hte sponge brush I had on my son's bed for touch ups later). After the brushes were down I had to make sure they knew they were NOT to put their hands back in the gallon of paint.

From there I whisked both kids in my arms as carefully as I could and raced to the bathroom. I started the water, stripped off their clothes, and plopped them in. I didn't waste time and hurried to grab baby wipes, towels, and warm soapy water. From there I grabbed the phone, called the husband to tell him to drop everything and come home, and got to work.

For the most part the only real damage is the paint on the carpets and blinds and my mini breakdown.  And we needed to replace the carpet and blinds soon anyway.

The kids were cleaned up, although my daughter still has a little paint on her scalp, and it could have been a LOT worse than it was. I even added another set of hills in a different shade of green we had in the garage without the kids help this time. And the walls are just about ready for those decals!

I'm sure that more of these fun adventures are in our future. With kids as crazy fun as mine, it's bound to happen. I can laugh about it now and appreciate their creative genius and excitement to help me paint.  They really were, and still are, proud of their artwork.

What makes your heart leap?

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Kecia said... Reply To This Comment

I probably would have reacted in the same way! The new paint job looks great on the wall. I hope you share again when you have the wall art up!

My SoCal Life said... Reply To This Comment

oh my, i would have to stop and take a deep breath and then laugh about much as it could be upsetting it's all material :)

Life With Captain Fussybuckets said... Reply To This Comment

Oh no!!! This is the second messy kids story of the day that I've heard, so I'm gonna keep a very close eye on my little guys today! haha!

The walls look great though!!

Mariah @ said... Reply To This Comment

One year for Mother's Day I decided I would paint my mom's bedroom for her. It was on her to-do list. In the midst of painting, I managed to spill a bunch of green paint all over the new gray carpet tiles we had installed not long before. I was hysterical! Luckily with carpet tiles you can replace just a few with ease!