Keeping it Positive #NaBloPoMo

 For the most part I'm a pretty positive, outgoing person. I make sure to see the brighter side of situations and always try to bring positivity into my kids lives. I think that by encouraging a positive attitude I'll help my kids see just how great the world can be. I also think that by creating a positive home and environment for our children they will feel safer sharing and learning with us.

I try and use tools and examples from various sites and books. I participate every day in writing in my son's I Like Book and keep up with the happenings of Captain Positive and Positively Kids. I build up my children's strengths and work with them on their weaknesses to try and prepare them for what they'll need to know as they get older and grow closer to going to school.

But sometimes I just want to say screw all of the positivity. Why can't I just stick with 'sometimes the world sucks' and go from there? Maybe I'll get there. When the kids are older and understand that the world can suck. But for now, when my kids are young, I want to try my best to create that childhood bliss for as long as possible.

When they start school, start talking with their peers, and receive more influence from the outside world I'm sure I'll have more than enough opportunity to talk with them about the hardships of the world and why sometimes the glass is half empty.

Being able to keep a positive attitude and show a happy persona can sometimes take a lot of energy. Sometimes it doesn't just come naturally. I have to work at it, push down the depression, anger, negativity, and put a smile on my face. Because I am afraid that if I let it up it will consume me. And that just isn't good for anyone. Especially my kids.

So for now the glass is simply half empty and half full at the same time. There's good and positivity in the world and then the world sucks. Sometimes people just need to be real. And sometimes people need to slap a smile on their face and go on.

So what do you think? 
Is the proverbial glass half empty or half full?

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JanetGoingCrazy said... Reply To This Comment

I think that when things suck, we have to agree with our kids that things are sucking..they will respect us more for it. I'm not saying that we shouldn't try to be positive more than negative and especially try to put a positive spin on as many things as possible...but the truth is Life Sucks sometimes. They need to know that and know that they have your support when it happens!!

I used to work with foster children in CPS and if anyone knows about life sucking, it is those children. Often when I was taking the teens out to lunch to just talk, they would tell me about their life and all I could say is "that really sucks, really bad, and I'm sorry that happened to you". They usually just looked shocked, laughed, and then felt better. :)