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One of the most essential tools any person should have in their home is a good scale. It will not only give you a good indication of where you're at, it can also help you make progress to where you want to be.

Some people have told me before that they don't like to use a scale. They'd much prefer to use their pants as an indication of where they are weight-wise. I just don't agree. For one, different styles and brands of pants will fit differently so how can you trust the size you're wearing?

Having the accountability of weighing in on the same scale once a week gives me confidence in the results. Especially when it's a quality scale like the EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale. This scale is the top of the line, the best of the best. And I LOVE it!

Below is a shot of the scale with my weight on it. I'd like to think that my camera weighs a pound but it probably doesn't. I cannot wait for the day when the scale reads my goal weight!

And here's a shot of my body fat percentage. After the body fat percentage is shown, displays for percentage of total Body Water, percentage of muscle mass and bone mass are shown, giving the user a well rounded idea of what their body is made up of. It will also help the user see how much progress their making if they use the same scale each week.

Not only is it slim and sleek, but it's also simple to use too! All you have to do is step on it and it automatically displays your weight within milliseconds. No tapping your foot on the scale, waiting for a display, then weighing in. The only thing you have to wait for is for your percentages. And that doesn't take long at all.

The GetFit Digital Body Fat scale is great for families and weight loss competitions too. It can store and recognize up to 8 different users. And you don't even have to program yourself in there after the initial start up. It will remember your weight and body composition then it'll automatically pull up your stats.

Just like the EatSmart Retro Kitchen scale I've featured here before, this body fat scale also has a nice, large display window. There's no squinting or guessing what your weight is. You can see it clearly in daylight or darkness (in case you hide in the bathroom to weigh yourself).

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Simmworks Weight-Loss Challenge 

June Giveaway Event

Starting June 1st, and every week after, I'll be posting a picture of my weight on the EatSmart Precision GetFit Body Fat scale. You'll be able to see the numbers (hopefully) drop and see the change in percentages as I start this awesome journey.

With tools like the EatSmart Precision GetFit Body Fat scale I'm setting myself up for success! And I want you to be set up for success as well in your own weight loss journey so I'll be hosting a giveaway from EatSmart for the exact same scale that I'm using as part of my Simmworks Weight-Loss Challenge giveaway event for the month of June!

And that's not it! Every month, from June to March, I'll be hosting another giveaway with a few other bloggers to help share the products and companies we have found helpful in our weight loss and healthy living journeys. So stay tuned and keep an eye out for other awesome companies to check out.

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Greta said... Reply To This Comment

That looks like a great scale!

East9thStreet said... Reply To This Comment

I like that it measures body fat percentage. I have a digitial iHealth scale which is really accurate but being fit is more than just weighing less, it's also about lean muscle to fat ratio. Awesome product!

LaVonne @ Long Wait said... Reply To This Comment

Danielle, I am impressed that you showed your weight! That took courage, I think! Way to go! ;)

After this baby comes, my sister and I are going on Weight Watchers. I will have to keep everyone updated on my blog.

Thanks for sharing. I have seen some great products with Eat Smart lately.

LOVE MELISSA:) said... Reply To This Comment

That looks like a great scale and will keep me accountable! Thank you for sharing!

LisaLisa said... Reply To This Comment

EatSmart has some very nice products!! Love the scale!!