Sorry Mr. Bear, It Just Won't Work Out

 Saturday morning was quite an adventure.

After going out to the garden to snip off some broccoli, I came back in to wash and chop it for my omelet. When I started to wash it off I noticed a funky smell coming from the sink and just as I noticed it, the sink began to back up. So I switched on the garbage disposal.

And... nothing.

My husband, being the handyman that he is, immediately got to work. So I made my omelet, and left him be.

About an hour later he came back and announced that it was time to call in the plumber. I don't think we've called a plumber out in five years so I know something had to be going on. We quickly checked our home improvement envelope and made sure we had some cash on hand and then made the phone call.

Within half an hour the plumber as here and quickly got to work.

After a disgusting cleaning of the pipes and flush of dirty water our problem was fixed. Our only problem was the fact that after 5+ years, pipes do back up. We were told to use an enzyme cleaner (like Natural House's Sinky that I love) and make sure not to put any no-no's down the drain.

No-no's included basically anything not liquid save for a few bits and pieces here and there. Everything else should either go in the trash or the compost bin, not down the sink.

As the plumber was packing up he asked if he could use our restroom. I quickly looked at my husband and said to make sure it was decent before the plumber used it. I wanted to make sure that the trash was cleaned out so he didn't have to look at (or smell!) my son's pull up from the night before.

I didn't hear what the two of them discussed but afterwards my husband told me that he plumber told him that I meant to flush the toilet, "Because when someone says that they mean they didn't flush the toilet."

What!? Now I don't know about you, but I flush. Pretty regularly.

After the plumber was done using the bathroom he came out and said, "Now I thought we talked about toilet paper before."


I received a few awesome coupons at BlogHer'11 last year and quite a few from Charmin. I had finally broken down and picked up my free pack of Charmin toilet paper a few months back right before it expired. But I left the toilet paper in the back of my car since we're Kirkland and Scotts fans and we just didn't need any. I was going to donate it until we ran out of our Kirkland stuff and I didn't want to go to the store...

And of course I broke down and started using it right before the plumber came. After he hadn't been to our home in over 5 years.

I guess Charmin is a big no-no. Plumbers probably won't tell you this but stuffing Charmin down your pipes is like stuffing paper towels down there, or so my plumber said! I knew there was a reason why we didn't buy it... I just didn't remember why.

So now I'll remember to flush the toilet and hide the Charmin the next time we call the plumber!

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LOVE MELISSA:) said... Reply To This Comment

Wow! What a weekend!

Kathleen (aka Callista) said... Reply To This Comment

Wow! When I make the sure the bathroom is decent, it does NOT mean flushing it because it's always flushed generally. It means making sure garbage isn't overflowing and things aren't too messy as well.

Good for you for having a home improvement envelope! We can't do that because my husband can't have money sitting somewhere NOT being used (insert eye rolling here)

As for Charmin, I DID know that but didn't know plumbers did. I did some blogging work with Majesta and one thing we did was compare it to charmin. Very interesting results (look under shake test)

Danielle Simmons said... Reply To This Comment

Interesting, Kathleen! Thanks for the link :)

Tethered Mommy said... Reply To This Comment

I think Charmin is ridiculously over soft and wasteful. But boy is it nice! I grew up in a 100 year old house so were relegated to the terribly thin stuff!

Thanks for the Bathroom PSA :)

Emily said... Reply To This Comment

I had no idea about Charmin! I use the Trader Joe's toilet paper - it's soft without being thick and pipe-cloggy.

Your weekend sounds like quite an adventure!

Mariah @ said... Reply To This Comment

Well, that doesn't sound like much fun at all! Now I want to run home and see what brand of toilet paper is sitting in my closet!

Mariah, Formula Mom

Ashleigh Walls said... Reply To This Comment

I knew that about Charmin but I keep forgetting! My mom always buys way more toilet paper than she needs so we get whatever she has left over. Thankfully we don't have any!

Headant said... Reply To This Comment

This could have so easily have been me!

Kecia said... Reply To This Comment

Hmm, I never knew that about Charmin! We don't use it much because there's usually a much cheaper option.

Leila said... Reply To This Comment

I am *not* a Charmin fan so I guess it's an extra incentive to not use it! Thanks for sharing that tip! :) I can use it when hubby *tries* to buy it behind my back!

Nikki said... Reply To This Comment

Oh dear, I kind of like Charmin! I have a septic system though, so maybe it's time to switch. It's expensive anyway!

Wahm Connect Reviews & Giveaways said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, I never knew this. We use it all the time and have never had a problem. Good thing to know and thanks so much for sharing :) I will have to share it with my family and friends too!

Greta said... Reply To This Comment

I've never heard this either. Thanks for sharing

Lindsey said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my!
We've been having plumbing problems recently and although I think they're all taken care of now - I'll definitely be remembering not to buy Charmin! Only makes sense since it's so thick.

Valerie's Reviews said... Reply To This Comment

Ah! I didn't know this about Charmin, but it is fluffy and thick so makes perfect sense.

Valerie Peace

Stacey @ Newlywed Survival said... Reply To This Comment

At my house, we follow the "if it is yellow let it mellow...if it is brown flush it down" theory of toilets. So, I can totally see someone walking in and seeing a toilet not flushed! It would still be pretty embarrassing :)

LaVonne @ Long Wait said... Reply To This Comment

How funny! We keep our guest bathroom clean for the visitors ;)

I like that Natural House products too.

Thanks for sharing your crazy weekend with us. I hope your week is much better.

Rachel Cotterill said... Reply To This Comment

I thought loo paper was designed for flushing down the toilet?!

Miriam T. said... Reply To This Comment

Wow - I had no idea that Charmin was a no-no. It's so comfy soft! Maybe you could say that it's "just for guests." ;)

I use Natural House too. Love all that foaming action.

JanetGoingCrazy said... Reply To This Comment

My family makes fun of me because they say I use too much toilet paper so I know not to buy Charmin. We use a Brookshires store brand and surprisingly LOVE it!

The Frugal Greenish Mama said... Reply To This Comment

We have always tried to use a Septic friendly paper, and most of the super absorbent fluffy papers are not great for septic systems. It can lead to having to pump your tank eventually which is very expensive!

Sorry you had such an eventful day! Nice to have handyman's around, hubby is too!