Showers and Smiles

When I'm lucky enough to take a shower, this is my view.

Throughout the course of the day I share just about every moment with my kids unless they're napping (and sometimes even then as well since my daughter's been teething) or Daddy takes them for an adventure. Every once in a while I get lucky and both of them overlap their naps by an hour or so.

That hour is pure heaven. I tell myself I'm not going to waste it. I'm going to work. I'm going to do a workout DVD. I'm going to clean. But I usually end up on the computer pinning, Facebook stalking or reading other blogs.

I'm sure I'm not alone, right?

I guess I just didn't think that having kids would mean that I lost all forms of privacy from them. That I'd actually have to schedule me time. 

I remember hearing stories from my mommy friends about how they never get to go to the bathroom alone. Never get to shower in peace. Never have a moment to themselves when their kids are awake. But I always figured that bathroom time would still be alone time when I had kids.

What was I thinking?

Every few days I need to shower. But, of course, this can never be done alone either. My daughter now refuses to take baths so she tries to convince me that she needs to take a shower with me instead of a bath on her own. My daughter begs to jump in and join along by pulling her clothes off. She's not even 18 months and can undress herself at the drop of a hat.

I try to discourage her, especially when she just took a shower with me the day before. Because, you know, I don't really get to shower when she's in there with me. And I'd really like to make sure that more than just one of my arms is clean. I've been known to come out with only one armpit shaved...

But she's pretty convincing. And 9 times out of 10 she wins. I'm sure you wouldn't be able to resist either...

What do you now share with your kid that you didn't think you would?

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Mariah @ said... Reply To This Comment

I wish I could go to the bathroom alone far more often than I get to.

Shopping Tips and Tricks said... Reply To This Comment

Hmmm, never shared a shower. I used to not share drinks or forks, but my dad in love broke me of that habit. Now I share drinks and even forks at times with the kids.

Kathleen (aka Callista) said... Reply To This Comment

I must say I was prepared for the lack of alone time and I don't mind it for the most part. I've always been a open door bathroom goer. Now that my kids are older they don't bug me so much in the shower. I wait till baby is sleeping.

It's a shocker for some people though!

Michelle said... Reply To This Comment

Showers are a big thing for me!
When I got pregnant with our third child, our two girls started taking showers with me because I was unable to bathe them in our garden tub because of my belly.

After getting so used to that, I hate giving them baths now but I do miss showers by myself and when I get to take a shower alone, I turn the water on really hot and stand underneath lol.

Bathroom time is something I can't enjoy either. lol

Sharon Martin Beck Valley Books said... Reply To This Comment

What a cutey pie !! Too be honest I seem to share everything with them, as they get older it doesnt really get any easier :-)

Carolyn M said... Reply To This Comment

Hi! Well I'm 52 so I'm pretty far removed from all of that but you wrote a beautiful blog entry and what a cutie pie you have! Thanks for the great reading :o)

Erika McDaniel said... Reply To This Comment

My bed and my bedroom. Up until about 9 months ago, my daughter shared my bedroom (when I was a single mama, we shared our room/bed) and then when I got remarried, we only had one BR so we all shared the room together. (she had her own bed in our room) Now she's got her own room, and to be honest, both my husband and I miss that cozy family bedroom. It was such a sweet time.

Signing Mama said... Reply To This Comment

Owen was just in the shower with me the other day - it is a good way to make sure he doesn't all of a sudden get curious about the front yard and sneak out the back gate to go on an adventure!