Invisible Shoes {#BackyardBlast Sponsor Spotlight}

Did you know there's a movement out there to start promoting barefoot running? If you know me you know that's right up my alley! Not only do I hate shoes but I kick them off any chance I get in order to go barefoot. So combining bare feet and exercise sounds awesome. As long as a dumbbell doesn't land on my big toe.

But for those who might not be ready for fully barefoot running, there's an option. Invisible Shoes!

Invisible Shoes is a company that had designed a few awesome, easy to use kits for making huaraches. These huaraches can be used to walk, run, work out, hike, and much more. Basically you can do just about anything with a huarache on that you could with a shoe on.

The soles are light and thin but are super sturdy and protective. And they leave enough wiggle room for your foot to do what it does naturally. No constriction.

So for someone who hates to wear shoes, they're the next best thing to walking around barefoot. Plus you can wear these everywhere.Including the places with signs that say no shoes, no shirt, no service.

Here's how it works:  

First you need to choose whether or not you want a kit to build your own or if you want Invisible Shoes to custom make a pair for you.
If you're  like me and want to design your own you also need to figure out if you want the 4mm connect or 6mm contact kit. Here's some information about both:

The 4mm Connect kit includes:
  • 1 Pair of 4mm FeelTrue™ rubber outsoles in your size (see the sizing information below) 
  •  2 6' nylon/polypropylene laces in your choice of fun colors (see colors, below) 
  • NEW - 4mm hollow punch for the lacing holes -- FREE! 
  • Complete instructions for making your bare foot shoes 
The 6mm Contact kit includes:
  • 1 Pair of 6mm FeelTrue™ rubber outsoles in your size (see the sizing information below) 
  • 2 6' nylon/polypropylene laces in your choice of fun colors (see colors, below) 
  • NEW - 4mm hollow punch for the lacing holes -- FREE! 
  • Complete instructions for making your bare foot shoes

What should you choose? Check out this video and decide!

Next you'll want to measure your foot and choose a lace color. Once you've figured out what size you need it's time to order! You can purchase a bead kit to add some bling to your shoes like I did. LOVE this option to personalize the shoes even more.

Once you get your kit in the mail it's time to have some fun and BUILD your shoes!

I started by putting my foot onto the sole and marking my toe hole with a sharpie.

Then I took the enclosed hole punch and lined it up over the sharpie mark. I made sure to put a magazine under the sole so I didn't punch right into the ground underneath. Good thing I did because I just don't know how to gently tap!

Grab one of the laces and string it through the toe hole. I used the help of the enclosed bobby pin that Invisible Shoes sent to help me get the lace through.

Then make a figure 8 knot on the bottom of the sole. Cut off any excess and burn the end with a lighter to fuse the end of the lace together.

Now it's time to lace up the rest of your shoe! To find out how make the rest of your huarache check out these step-by-step directions on the Invisible Shoes website here:

See how awesome it looks on? Now it's time to decorate and figure out how you want to tie your Invisible Shoes.

I played around with a few different looks but finally settled on the wrap around look with my beads. I left the end of my lace long so I could take it off and redo them if needed. I'm all about choices and options!

How awesome do the beads look on my shoes? Aren't they great? 

Overall I loved the look and feel of my new huaraches. Not only was Invisible Shoes easy to work with and quick to order but their dedication to their customers is above the bar! I had no idea how I wanted to tie my shoe so I was given suggestions and links to tutorials on what to do and how to do it. I also had a slight snafu with the bead kit I ordered but it was fixed in no time!

I'm so excited to actually start RUNNING in my shoes soon! I'm sure I'll be keeping you informed as I start my weight loss challenge and begin to exercise regularly again. Stay tuned for updates!

Would you consider running barefoot? Why? Why Not? 

Invisible Shoes has kindly offered to give one lucky Simmworks Family Blog reader a pair of Invisible Shoes (ARV $24.95) in the Summer Backyard Blast Giveaway Hop!

Make sure to head on back to this blog between June 1st and June 15th to enter to win my summer fun prize package for Summer Backyard Blast! Then enter all of the other wonderful blogs linking up to this event.

Want to purchase a pair Invisible Shoes for some fun of your own now? Head over to their store today! Then check out their Facebook page or check them out on Twitter.

Disclaimer: I received an Invisible Shoes kit for review purposes only. I purchased my own bead kit separately. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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jenrenh said... Reply To This Comment

These are so neat. I am like you I take my shoes off every chance I get. I love how you can customize these. Thank you for the great review!

Jennifer Hedden

hmckinnis004 said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, these look pretty neat! I'd like to try them to see how comfortable they are.

Aline Grigorian said... Reply To This Comment

That's so cool that you put them together yourself! How fun!

Nikki said... Reply To This Comment

I love going barefoot, but my feet do not :( However, this would be perfect for my sister!!