Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mamas and mamas-to-be!

Being a mom has been one of the best and hardest things I've ever experienced. As I'm typing this now my daughter is screaming and pulling at my shirt to get up into my lap. Alone time is just about non-existent and my children and their needs come first over everything else.

Even when I'm pulled to my limits and feel as if I can't give anymore somehow a little bit of space opens up and I can handle it. It's similar to how I felt when I found out I was pregnant with my second child. How could I possibly love another child as much as I love my son. But somehow your heart grows, your capacity to love expands, and the next child fits perfectly in as if they were always there.

Sometimes it gets hard. Really hard. But then I step back, look at my two beautiful children and know that as long as I have them everything will be ok. Their smiles, the things they say, and the way they love to cuddle with me. Just one kiss or one hug can erase anything they did before that moment. Even when it's ruining a great sweater or making a mess out of the clothes I just spent all afternoon folding.

Being a mother is the hardest job I've had but has also been the easiest. It's weird that way. I guess that it's kind of inherent because if the hard and the easy didn't come together why on earth would women keep having children? And I am so lucky that I was blessed with these two. I couldn't imagine a world without them and after the pain I felt when I suffered my miscarriage I know that I have to treasure these moments with them.

Mother's Day also reminds me of the women out there who long to have children of their own, the women who have lost children whether it be through miscarriage, stillbirth, or death after birth, or have suffered the loss of their mother. Being a mom is not always easy but I'll never take it for granted.

If you know of a woman who is struggling with becoming a mother or struggling with the loss of a child please try to reach out to them today to let them know you care. And if someone around you has lost their mother, acknowledging their mother might be a great way to help them out.

They might need just as much love as your mother does today.

Are you celebrating Mother's Day today?

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JanetGoingCrazy said... Reply To This Comment

It is the hardest, but most rewarding job I could ever dream of!! My boy is away with his Granny this week and I miss him so much!!