Tot School - Week 3

Tot School

This week’s Letter: Cc

This week’s Object: Cats

This week’s Color: Green

This Week’s Vocabulary Development Theme: Pets

 This week we will be learning all about the letter C. We will incorporate fun play with pets and animals and the color green. I've planned a trip to the zoo as well as a walk around the neighborhood to point out the different pets and animals as well as what makes a good pet (domestic cat vs. tiger). And we'll be eating and baking with lots of leafy greens and other veggies that begin with C!

If you have any fun suggestions for us to try or do for week 2 we appreciate any and all comments. 

Week 2 Recap: 
We had lots of fun playing in the front yard with balls up until it was more fun to throw the balls at your sister then it was to toss and kick them to each other. We went to the beach and had a LOT of fun in the sand. We're so lucky to live in a place that we can go enjoy the beach in January. We chose a location with a playground as well so we could play away from the cold water. We then laid out a blanket and ate a nice snack of bananas, cheerios, and dried cranberries while staring up at the blue sky and then out to the blue water. Later on in the week we made chocolate chip banana bread that was amazing!

At home we worked on our Tot School printables until the kids got interested in another toy or activity. We will continue to offer them different activities that go along with the curriculum as long as they're interested in what we're doing.

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royalegacy said... Reply To This Comment

You are really doing a great job with your kids. Keep up the good work!

LOVE MELISSA:) said... Reply To This Comment

What a great post because we are at the same point with starting writing letters and such. Great job!

Couponista Queen said... Reply To This Comment

I miss the days of teaching these skills. Enjoy!

Retail Therapy Lounge said... Reply To This Comment

What a great idea! Sounds so simple but great to have it laid out for you.....

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

I home-schooled both my kids and MISS lessons like this- watching a little one "get" a concept is so awesome!
Marie H