Tot School - Week 2

Tot School

This week’s Letter: Bb

This week’s Object: Balls

This week’s Color: Blue

This Week’s Vocabulary Development Theme: Outdoor Fun

 This week we will be learning all about the letter B. We will incorporate fun play outdoors with balls and the color blue. I've planned a trip to the beach as well as a fun scavenger hunt around the neighborhood for fun B objects like babies, bunnies, bugs, and more. And we'll be eating and baking with lots of BANANAS!

If you have any fun suggestions for us to try or do for week 2 we appreciate any and all comments. 

Week 1 Recap: 
I'm not quite sure how much learning the kids did with Tot School but I can say that they were engaged and had lots of fun! And that's the whole point, right? We painted with the color red on their new easel, we ate apples and talked about how apples were grown. And everywhere we went we tried to pick out the letter A and the color red. The farmer's market was a huge hit too. The kids had a great time choosing which fruits they wanted to bring home with them and we made a big fruit salad to enjoy for snack time.

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royalegacy said... Reply To This Comment

It sounds like you are doing quite well just starting out in homeschooling. I started when it was still taboo in 1987 with my eldest daughter (she is now a certified high school chemistry teacher). My family actually went to a lawyer to see if they could take our kids away from us because we were home schooling. Now they see all the benefits.