Making Goals and Meeting Them #WL4Life

While on Weight Watchers I've learned a few things not only from the site itself but from the message boards and the people I know in real life (IRL) and online. One of those things is a very important step in weight loss. That step is making small goals (weight-wise or otherwise) and celebrating the goals once you make them. And this weekend I did both!

On Saturday (my weigh in day) I met and exceeded my 25 pound weight loss mark. I am currently down 26.7 pounds since starting Weight Watchers again at the end of January. That's 26.7 pounds LOST this year. Not gained. Lost. And I am so stoked with that number. Sure, it could have been larger if I stayed on plan the whole time. And I could be closer to goal BUT I don't feel like I've missed out on anything. I've enjoyed my time with friends and family and I've enjoyed meals out. But I've still stuck with my overall goal of being healthy and becoming healthier.

Weight Loss Progress

Starting Weight: 224.6 1/30/2011
Size 16
Current Weight: 197.9 12/3/2012
Size 14
Total to go: 42.9lbs
Total lost: 26.7 lbs

As my 6 week challenge comes to an end next week I am going to be searching for more ways to stay active and stay challenged. I already have plans to join the next 6 week challenge but it doesn't start till sometime in January and that'll leave me with a few weeks to fill in the gaps. So I need to think of ways and ideas to keep the motivation going and the pounds coming off. And that's where I turn to my readers. I wanted to reach out and see if any other bloggers (or non-bloggers) would like to start a friendly competition.

I want to have a few individuals I can check in with, chat to and support as we lose weight together while blogging (or writing) about it. The challenge would start on January 1st and last for 12 weeks. If the first 12 weeks are successful then we begin again right away and continue on with our 12 week journey. As the year goes by I want to continue this challenge in 12 week intervals. We'll have individual and team winners for each 12 weeks that will carry the bragging rights that go with winning (and maybe a badge?) and then at the end of the year we'll have an overall winner.

Information about the Challenge
  • Teams of 3-4 individuals
  • At least 1 post every 12 weeks
  • Weekly weigh ins on Sundays
  • Percentage-based totals posted weekly after weigh in (only if opted in)
  • Weekly challenges for teams and individuals
  • Winner(s) have bragging rights and badge

I've heard amazing things about losing weight with a team and have seen with my own eyes that if you have others holding you accountable then you are more than likely to continue working at weight loss instead of losing interest. There's inevitably a few people who just can't commit or lose focus but I'm hoping to offer enough support and encouragement to keep us moving forward. So if you are interested in joining sign up below. Each week we'll have a group challenge and then will set individual challenges for each other. We'll start slow and move forward. With each week we'll become healthier and (hopefully) a pound or two lighter. Interested? I hope so!

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BBKiddo said... Reply To This Comment

Sounds awesome! Count me in. That lines up with my timeline perfectly :)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Looking forward to the challenge and congrats on the loss! :)