Christmas 2011

Our Christmas this year was simply perfect! We were able to stay home the whole day. A first for me in I don't know how many years. Probably ever. We started the day off by seeing what Santa had in store for us. Miss M was super excited about her Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair. She had been favoring her brother's for quite a while so we knew she'd know just what to do when she got one of her own. She also received a Little Tykes Push & Ride Doll Walker. And as soon as her brother pointed it out to her she was pushing him around the living room in no time.

E received a trio of ImagiNext airplanes, Dinosaur Train interactive dinos (including Boris Tyrannosaurus, Buddy and Tiny), and an art easel complete with a Melissa & Doug easel companion set.

And Santa was kind enough to drop off a train table from Grandma Tammy & Grandpa John! How awesome is that? He even set it up for Ethan to play with.

The kids played together and enjoyed some yummy cinnamon rolls that Daddy baked up before it was time to go to Christmas Mass. We headed out as a family and enjoyed the service. Afterwards the kids earned a special treat... donuts after Mass! They played a bit with a few other kids in the Church hall before it was time to head back home.

After we returned home Miss M laid down for a nap while E played with his train table. Then Gramma Cathy and Grandpa Steve came over with Aunt Carly to open more gifts! E was excited to receive a Cars Shake & Go race track. As soon as he opened it he wanted Daddy and Grandpa to put it together. So they did and then the boys played and played and played until their laughter woke up Miss M.

She then opened her gifts. She LOVED the doll stroller she received and the cool Leap Frog phone. She walks around pushing her dolls and stuffed animals. And the phone stays in my diaper bag as a bribing tool to keep her happy while we go out to stores and restaurants.

After Gramma & Grandpa left we started prepping for Christmas dinner. We hosted my husband's family and had a simple menu planned. Beef tenderloin, twice baked potato casserole, roasted tomatoes & green beans and salad. Plus a few appetizers for when everyone arrived. I made some yummy buffalo chicken dip and laid out some cheeses with crackers, bread and veggies. And dessert was brought by our family... delicious french apple and lemon meringue pies.

Once we ate dinner and finished opening gifts the kids got a special surprise! Santa came back to deliver one last small gift. It was the perfect ending to a great Christmas!

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