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Kids love going to the mailbox to get the mail. Imagine their joy to find a letter from Santa addressed to them. Whatever season it is, whatever the occasion, Letters From offers a variety of personalized letters available to match the special day. Each letter is printed on appropriate stationery and is customized using the information that you provide during the checkout process. You can choose to have a letter sent from three holiday figures that are sure to impress your kids including three different  letters from Santa, a letter from Rudolph, a letter from Frosty, and coming soon they will be offering a letter from the Easter Bunny, a letter from the Tooth Fairy, and more.

When I first started creating my letter I got excited thinking of how my son's face would light up when I told him Santa had written to him (versus the other way around!). I filled in each of the areas required to make the letter a very personalized experience for each child. I knew my son would react to each of the personalizations I made. I included his dog's name, the name of the toy he was dying to get from Santa, and a few other things to make it special.

The morning we received the letter I told my son he had mail. As soon as he saw it he exclaimed, "For me?!" I confirmed that it was, in fact, for him and he started to rip into the envelope. With a little help from mom he was able to free the letter from it's envelope and was dying for me to read it to him. His eyes grew large as I continued reading this special letter from Santa and a smile formed on his face. He truly was getting the meaning behind the letter.

Now a few days have passed and the letter remains on our fridge. Every day or two he brings up the letter and asks me to read it to him again. I do and he will repeat a few parts back (especially about the part where Santa is going to bring him a Dinosaur Train set if he's a good boy). He'll then tell people we see that Santa wrote him and he's going to get a present. Then he'll tell them that we can't leave out too many cookies cause Santa wants to be healthy (yes, there is a PS in there about cookies and Santa's waistline... I think Santa put that in there to give the parents a giggle!).

This letter was the perfect way to start the holiday season. My child is getting anxious and excited with each passing day and is genuinely trying to be good so Santa comes to his house. I love the idea behind Letters From and am grateful that they exist. If you are looking for a special way to bring the holidays into your home I highly suggest purchasing a Letter From Santa and sending it to a loved one. You won't regret it!

Purchase and Giveaway Information

To purchase a Letter from Santa, Rudolph or Frosty please visit the Letters From... website and choose the letter you most wish to receive. You can also visit Letters From... on Facebook and Twitter to follow the happenings of the North Pole and other holiday characters that might appear later on in the year.

One lucky reader will receive a gift code to Letters From... to send a holiday letter to a loved one they know. Just head on over to my 12 Days of Gifts Galore post and enter today!! This giveaway ends on December 6th so act fast!

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