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Eco Nuts™ was conceived as a company that could transcend the cleaning industry in becoming a leader in environmentally responsible practices. They are environmentally friendly in their operations and socially responsible in dealing with our customers, partners and suppliers. All of their products are cruelty and paraben-free, vegan, tested only on humans, and utilize recycled or recyclable packaging!

I received a sample package of EcoNuts soap nuts at the #hautegreen Social Hour back at BlogHer'11 and fell in love with it's simplicity and ease. I just had to toss the bag of soap nuts into my wash and let them do their thing. I didn't have to worry about measuring out the liquid detergent, pouring it in and waiting for the machine to fill/agitate a bit before adding in the clothes.

The best part about EcoNuts was the fact that I could use their products not only on my cloth diapers but my other laundry as well. EcoNuts are very versatile when it comes to laundry and it's because it's so gentle on fabrics. EcoNuts is safe to use on the kids and our clothing (including my baby's clothes), the sheets and towels as well as our beloved cloth diaper stash.

I have to admit that I was a little hesitant about using them at first. I really didn't think that a bag of soap nuts would actually be able to get our clothes clean. But I tried them none-the-less. The first thing I washed were my darks. When the clothes came out of the wash they passed the sniff test! And when I got them out of the dryer I knew they were clean. Next we did whites. A few of my whites (read: my son's shirts) needed a little boost and I confirmed that OxyClean is ok to use alongside the EcoNuts.So with a boost of OxyClean the next load came out perfectly clean AND white.

I also wanted to try the nuts out on my cloth diapers. Since I heard about EcoNuts at a cloth diapering event I knew they were CD friendly but wanted to see for myself if they were a great solution to our detergent needs. I've had many mamas in search of the perfect CD friendly detergent ask me what I use. And now I have a product I feel 100% comfortable sharing with them. Not only did my diapers come out clean, we didn't have the leaking/absorbency issues that we did every once in a while when using another liquid detergent. Using the soap nuts meant no detergent build up and no need to strip our diapers! Although I still do so every 2-3 months just to ease my mind.

EcoNuts doesn't just sell soap nuts, they also sell liquid detergent and an array of cleaning and natural bath and body products. So if you're looking to do away with the harsh chemicals found in most brand name household cleaners and are in need of an alternative, eco-friendly method instead check out these awesome products!

A little more about EcoNuts packaging:
EcoNuts strives to have as little impact on the environment as possible with their packaging and products, and that means no plastic in every instance it can be avoided. Whenever possible, EcoNuts incorporates recycled, repurposed, sustainable and organic materials.

Every box of Eco Nuts™ purchased is one less plastic detergent bottle, and their goal is to remove 1 million plastic bottles from ever making it into a landfill or using precious resources in order to recycle that plastic.

Why Aluminum?
The choice of recycled carboard for the Eco Nuts™ is obvious, but we reviewed and settled on aluminum to contain our liquid. Aluminum can be recycled endless times – over and over again. It is more energy-efficient to recycle aluminum than ever before.

Aluminum can recycling saves 95% of the energy needed to make aluminum from bauxite ore. Energy savings in 1992 were enough to light a city the size of Pittsburgh for six years. (Can Manufacturers Institute 1993. The Great Aluminum Can Roundup.)

We want to promote and support the recycled aluminum industry in the United States. It conserves energy as well as supporting small towns that depend solely on the aluminum production plants. Without those plants, thousands of people would lose their jobs.

EcoNuts' Commitments:
  • To lead by example with socially and environmentally responsible business practices.
  • To use only sustainable, non-toxic ingredients with zero hazardous waste generation.
  • To offer superior quality in all our products and packaging with environmental integrity.
  • To provide excellent service to our customers, vendors, employees and the community.
  • To support local and global charities, environmental and community groups to the best of our ability.
Purchase and Giveaway Information

EcoNuts can be purchased on their website or on Amazon. You can also check out EcoNuts on facebook and twitter where you'll hear the latest on sales, product information and much, much more! There's currently a sweepstakes and photo contest going on now. You can enter to win a box of EcoNuts and some cloth diapers too!

EcoNuts has generously offered to include a medium size box of EcoNuts soap nuts (that's 100 loads worth!) in our Merry Fluffy Christmas giveaway package. How awesome is that? Not only do you have a chance to win cloth diapers, wipes, wipes spray, and dryer balls but you also can win soap nuts too! Remember to come on back to the blog on December 1st to start entering this amazing fluffy package.

Disclaimer: I received a trial size package of soap nuts (10 loads) from EcoNuts at the #hautegreen Social Hour for review purposes only. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own. I only promote products I believe in 100% and will always disclose this information to my readers. The Amazon link above is my Affiliate link.   

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Ashlyn said... Reply To This Comment

I have never tried EcoNuts but they sound great! I can't wait for a chance to win some during the Merry Fluffy Christmas event!

Daily Mothering

Lena said... Reply To This Comment

This would be a great opportunity to learn something new - looks like a very great product

Jess and the boys said... Reply To This Comment

Always wanted to try EcoNuts! What better way than win some during MFC! :) hehe

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

I haven't tried these before...but after reading that they work on DIAPERS(!!) I think I'll try them in our regular wash.Thank you for a very well written review.
marie from howard house

Laura O in AK said... Reply To This Comment

I wonder if these would work on our diapers better than the store bought stuff we've been using.

Laura O in AK from

Danielle said... Reply To This Comment

Laura - they sell trial size packs that you can use to see if you like them. I love that I now don't have to buy two types of detergent... I use them on both regular laundry and diaper laundry!

Aline Grigorian said... Reply To This Comment

Sounds like a great detergent, especially if it works as well as you say. Wouldn't mind trying it.

MissMannah said... Reply To This Comment

I would love to try these!

MrsKucz said... Reply To This Comment

I have never tried EcoNuts before, but I love that they are safe to use on cloth diapers!

Bekah Kuczenski

HCeallaigh said... Reply To This Comment

ive wanted to try these for a long time! i love the natural washing approach

HCeallaigh said... Reply To This Comment

i really want to try these!

Deltaflute said... Reply To This Comment

I've heard great things about econuts and you've just confirmed them.

Sarh said... Reply To This Comment

I really want to try Eco Nuts for our cloth diapers, if not for all of our laundry. Do you happen to know if these will affect my middle child, he has a tree nut allergy and we are to keep him from eating ALL tree nuts, not just the one that he tested positive to on the skin and RAST test... Just curious.

Nikki said... Reply To This Comment

I have heard about this product, and have always wondered how well it actually works. That's amazing that it worked so well on your CDs!

charychild said... Reply To This Comment

I love soap nuts!

Beth R said... Reply To This Comment

I have always wanted to try these, but have never tried them yet. I love that they are all natural though

Stephanie H. said... Reply To This Comment

I would love to try them On my laundry right now I have to twice rinse everything even if I wash in a free and clear detergent.

Melinda C said... Reply To This Comment

I love econuts! Hard to believe that a little nut can do so much!

about pollyanna said... Reply To This Comment

love eco nuts.. they work great.

Geri Fink said... Reply To This Comment

One myth I read about why cloth diapering wasn't that great on the environment was all the washing. I didn't realize at the time about the types of detergent used and how the detergents used are actually better for the environment then what most people typically use.

Krystal said... Reply To This Comment

I've heard a lot about soap nuts, but haven't tried them yet. I'd love the chance to!

Amy V said... Reply To This Comment

i've heard of these but never used them... hesitant but after your review i'd give them a try!

mywildcrazylife said... Reply To This Comment

I would love to try these eco nuts. i have heard great things about them and intend to check them out!
masugr at yahoo dot com

Meleakua said... Reply To This Comment

what a great company!! i love that they are so socially & environmentally conscious, donating to charities and using less & recycled/recyclable packaging!! wonderful review- it's great ti know that they are natural and really do work for cd'ing & beyond!!

RebeccaWM said... Reply To This Comment

This product sounds awesome, and I really really love that they use aluminum packaging since it can be recycled. That's really great!

Audrey Jensen said... Reply To This Comment

I had to giggle at the name of the product to start with. But it sure sounds like it would be better than what we are currently using. I'll hope to win some to try. And if not, mught have to buy some to see if we like it.